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Hello, and welcome to my website!



As with many (if not most) websites, this is a "works in progress".  At this time, it's just things that interest me and that I'd like to share with anyone who'd be interested.  I expect it to evolve over time -- but it's has to start somewhere... and this is it.



Overall, I plan to keep this site simple; easy to maintain, easy to access, relatively quick to load each page into your browser.  The "major categories" are listed near the top of the page; click on any of them to take you to that category.  As the site expands, I may add "new" categories; if and when that happens, a complete listing of the "major categories" may not appear on every page.  And I am not including "back" and "top" buttons (and their like); I am going to go on the assumption that my visitors will know the basics of page navigation.



There may be links that lead to a "dead end" -- those are pages that I plan to add or expand to, but just haven't gotten to yet.  Please check back later...



And one other note -- updates will occur when both the (a) time and (b) mood strike -- which is to say that they may be somewhat sporadic!  In advance, I apologize for not making timely progress in adding to / updating the site.



If you'd like, send me an e-mail and let me know what you think!  And enjoy your visit!



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