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Sorry, nothing here yet...  other than a "starter" list... and the games I'm referring to are board games, not video games.  Sorry -- the old hand-eye coordination weren't able to keep up once the games (and the controllers!) got past the "Space Invaders" / "Qix" / "Asteroids" level!


Games that I'm either currently, or was at one time, interested in -- in no particular order.  There may or may not be follow-ups, as time and interest permit.  A quick note -- if you're interested in games, you need to check WebGrognards -- an absolutely outstanding site!


   Seapower (II and III) -- Alnavco, Inc.; miniature-based naval gaming -- it's still #1 in my book!

   Great War at Sea series -- Avalanche Press - a very close #2 on my list!

   Advanced Squad Leader series -- originally Avalon Hill, now MMP

   Traveller -- originally GDW; not sure who has "ownership" at this time

   Air Force / Dauntless -- the original version by Battleline, not Avalon Hill's version

   Foxbat and Phantom -- SPI; the way they handled three-dimensional air-to-air combat seemed to work quite well for me -- as I recall, there was a group of critics that said it was too simplified.  But my college roommate, who was basically a non-gamer, picked it up quite readily and proved to be an excellent opponent...

   Time Tripper -- SPI; kinda different, but had a lot of fun playing it!

   Jutland -- Avalon Hill; took a long time to play, and I had just as much trouble with the High Seas Fleet as Scheer had!  (Didn't matter how many of those Limey dreadnoughts I sunk, there was always three or six or twenty more blasting away at me!)

   Bismarck -- Avalon Hill; cut my "gaming teeth" on this one...  well, if you want to go all the way back on cutting "gaming teeth", it would have to be Milton Bradley's "Uncle Wiggly" game... I think Mom was sneaky and taught me to count playing "Uncle Wiggly"!

   Imperium -- originally GDW, now published by Avalanche Press.  Have not seen (or purchased) the new version, but if it's up to AP's usual standards, it will be well done!

   Statis-Pro Baseball and Basketball -- Avalon Hill.  Actually re-played a good portion of the 1978 baseball season once... that was, of course, before I met my wife!...

   Ogre and G.E.V. -- Steve Jackson Games.  Quite possibly the best $8 (total!) I ever spent on games!