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The Dead Dog

    A man took his dog to the veterinarian.  He said, “Doc, there’s something wrong with my dog.”

    The vet looks the dog over, and tells the man, “I’m sorry, but I think your dog is dead.”

    The man says, “No, that can’t be right - please check him over.  The vet told him to put the dog on the table and then left the room.

    Soon he came back with a cat.  The cat sniffed the dog’s ears, his nose and then walked all over him.  The Vet said, “Yep, your dog is dead.”

    The man still doesn’t believe it, and pleads with the vet to do something.  “Okay,” sighs the vet; once again he leaves the room.

    In a moment, he returns with a yellow Labrador Retriever.  The Retriever sniffs the dog on the table, nuzzles it with his nose a couple of times, then sits down on the floor and just starts whining.  “Yes, sir,” says the vet, “I’m sorry - but your dog is dead.”

    Then the vet starts writing, then hands the man a bill for $735.

    Startled, the man said, “735 dollars!?  What for!?”

    And the vet said, “$35 for the office visit, $500 for the cat scan, and $200 for the lab work.”

* * * * *