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    In, around, and about our places and institutions of worship...

    The Backwards Collar

    Building Fund Donation?

    Caught in the Act?

    The Cause of Arthritis?

    A Christmas Tree and a Priest

    The Computer Contest

    Copying from Copies...

    The Drunk at the Baptism

    An Engineer in Hell

    Forgive Your Enemies

    A Helping Hand

    An Irish Confession

    Jehovah's Witness / Atheist Combo

    Join the Army of the Lord

    Let He Who Is Without Sin...

    The Lumber Thief

    Minnesotans in Warmer Climes...

    Modern Times

    Parrots Teaching Parrots?

    PMS - It's in the Bible

    Praying for a Bicycle

    The Preacher's Donkey

    The Preacher's Dying Wish

    Psalm 129

    Resisting the Call of Lust...

    A Rumor About the Preacher

    The Sister Buys Brandy

    Sisters of Mercy

    Successful Son

    A Temporary Stay...

    Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Tommy Goes to Confession

    Where is Jesus Christ?

    You Want to Drive... Get a Haircut!