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    Okay, this category is going to start with a disclaimer...  But "ethnic" jokes have been around for thousands of years -- and many of them are doggone funny!  More often than not, an "ethnic" joke is a "stupid people" joke, with a particular "ethnicity" as the subject of the joke.  In advance, I apologize to any "ethnic" group who might be offended by these jokes -- but usually, all one has to do is change the "ethnicity" of the subject of the joke, and voila -- it's a funny joke!

    The Elderly Italian Stallion...

    The Gay Flight Attendant

    Her First Time

    Ireland vs. Iraq

    A Jewish Poker Game

    New to Bungee-Jumping

    Paddy the Accountant

    Pints for the Brothers

    Red-Eared Polack

    Sara Pipalini

    Sven the Diesel Fitter

    Utility Poles