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Utility Poles

    The utility company supervisor was looking to hire a new crew to put up utility poles.  He had three different teams apply for the job -- an Irish crew, a German crew, and a Polish crew.  The supervisor announced that he’d send them out on identical routes, and the one that set the most poles that day would get the job...

    That evening, the supervisor asked the Irish foreman how many poles they’d set.  “Laddie, we set seven of them,” replied the Irish foreman.

    Moving down the line to the German crew, he asked the same question.

    “Ach, ve set ten poles!” bragged the German foreman.

    Then the supervisor turned to the Polish crew.  “Only two” was the reply.

    “Only two?” echoed the supervisor.

    “Yes,” replied the Polish foreman, “but you should how much those other guys left sticking out of the ground!”

* * * * *