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Clinton in the Afterlife...

    Bill Clinton dies and is sentenced to Hell.  Satan is there to meet him at the gates.  He tells Bill that because Hell is full, he’ll be replacing one of the current inhabitants.  Satan leads Bill down a hallway where there are three doors and indicates that he’ll be given the choice of whom he will replace forever in Hell.

    The first door opens.  Behind it is Newt Gingrich.  He’s being worked over by demons with blowtorches.  Clinton cringes; “That looks awfully painful.  I don’t think this is for me!”  So they go on down the hallway.

    Door #2 opens.  Behind it is Rush Limbaugh.  His skin is being stripped off by demons using pairs of pliers.  “Oh, my!  I don’t think so,”  Clinton exclaims.  So they continue down the hallway.

    Door #3 opens  Behind it is Ken Starr.  He is bound hand-and-foot to a chair completely naked.  Kneeling before him is Monica Lewinsky... doing what she is famous for...  “All right!  I can handle that!”  Clinton proclaims enthusiastically.

    “Very well,” says Satan.  “Monica, you may go!”

* * * * *