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Presidents Meet the Wizard of Oz

    Four of our past presidents found themselves in the Land of Oz, following the famous Yellow Brick Road, on their way to meet The Wizard.  They were all missing just a little something and figured The Wizard could help them.  They meet The Wizard and he asks each in turn what they need.

    “Well”, Jimmy Carter says, “I could use some courage.”

    “No problem,” says The Wizard, and Carter gets his courage, no questions asked.  “What about you, Mr. Reagan?” the Wizard asks.

    “If I only had a brain,” Mr. Reagan replies, and voila, Mr. Reagan has his brain.

    George Bush is next.  “People tell me I could use a heart,” he pleads, and The Wizard grants Mr. Bush his wish.

  “Tell me, Mr. Clinton, what do you most want?” asks the Wizard.

    And Mr. Clinton doesn’t hesitate -- “Is Dorothy still around?”

* * * * *