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The Devil Comes to Church

   Picture this...itís a rural area, on a Sunday morning, the small country church is packed -- and the Devil decides to pay a visit.  The doors burst open, and a roiling black cloud rolls in with the Devil in its midst.  People jump out of the pews and run outdoors, screaming -- all except for two.  One is the Pastor, the other is an elderly farmer.

   Satan is a bit perplexed.  He points to the Pastor and says, ďYou!  I can understand why you didnít run away - you are in your Lordís house, you preach against me every day and you arenít afraid of me.  But YOU (as he points to the farmer), why didnít you run out scared like everyone else?Ē

   The farmer crosses one leg over the other and drawls, ďWhy, Iím surprised you donít recognize me... Iíve been married to your sister for 46 years!Ē

* * * * *