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    A look at our "primal urges" -- when the hormones get to flowing, common sense often flies out the window... and in comes the "stupidity" that brings lots of laughs to bystanders and onlookers!

    1 - 2 - 3!

    Amish Buggy and Cold Weather

    The Beggar's Line

    Dinner and more...

    Engagement Ring?

    The Farmer Had His Hands Full...

    Four Inches

    From Suicide to Stowaway

    Grandfather's Getting Married...

    Her Best Feature?

    His Reason for Breaking Up

    Horsey Ride

    How Much for the Fabric?

    If He Has Big...

    Jane Meets Tarzan...

    Just Fred...

    The Little Rascals - Spelling Bee

    The Lonesome Miner

    Million-Dollar Picture

    The Monkey Tells All

    Nursing Home Date

    Package Mix-Up

    Putting the Worm Back

    Rich Widow's Personal Ad

    Sliding Under the Table

    Sunbathing on the Roof

    Teaching Rover to Read

    Together on the Train

    Your Name...