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Rivals Aboard a Train

   A man gets aboard a train and takes his assigned seat, between two men who are already seated.  After the train has pulled away from the station and been going along for a while, the three guys get to talking, and they find out that the guy in the middle is a Packer fan, while the two guys on the outside are Bears fans.  After some jawing and ribbing, the Packer fan says, “I want to get up and stretch my legs -- can I get you anything while I’m up?”

   And the Bears fan on the left says, “Yeah, I’d like a Coke.”  So the Packer fan disappears in the direction of the club car.  While he’s gone, the two Bears fans notice that the Packer fan had taken off his shoes.  “Watch this,” he says to his buddy -- and he picks up one of the Packer fan’s shoes and spits in it.  They both chuckle, and the shoe is put back in place.

   About that time, the Packer fan returns with a Coke.  “Thanks, buddy,” the Bear fan says.

   The other Bear fan says, “You know, that looks pretty good -- would you mind getting me one?”

   The Packer fan says okay, and he goes off again towards the club car...  Now the other Bear fan spits in the other shoe, and both have a pretty good laugh about it...

   Soon, the Packer fan returns with a second Coke, hands it to the other Bear fan, and settles into his seat.

   About twenty minutes later, the Packer fan slips his feet back into his shoes... pauses... then says to the Bears fans, “You know, when will this senseless rivalry stop -- you know, between Packers fans and Bears fans -- the teasing, the spitting in shoes, and the pissing in Cokes?”

* * * * *