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Aircraft - especially military aircraft - have also been a long-time interest.  I grew up near an Army training facility, and recall "strings" of C-119 "Flying Boxcars" flying near and over our house on their way to and from... well, I never did find out where the "other end" of their flights were from.  Then at some point, the base put in a "live ammo" training range.  At night, from my upstairs bedroom window, I could see the flashes from a "strobe flare" (usually five), the yellowish-light from an illumination flare as it slowly parachuted to the ground, and -- once in a great while -- the red trails of tracers going from an unseen aircraft, miles away, going into the ground near their target.  I also got my parents to take me to see both the "Thunderbirds" (flying F-100 Super Sabres) and the "Blue Angels" (flying F-11 Tigers).  The first model I ever built was an airplane -- an Aurora McDonnell-Douglas F-110 (nee F-4 Phantom), given to me by my favorite aunt and uncle on my ninth birthday.  I remember Dad taking me to a local hobby shop, and letting me get four different colors of paint -- silver, black, red and green -- and letting me build the model myself, with no help (other than spreading newspapers on the basement floor, for the inevitable glue and paint spills!).  Boy, did I have a blast with that kit!


The interest in aircraft never really went away...  While many of my friends became enamored with automobiles (especially around the age of 16), jobs (I mowed lawns, etc.), and girls (!!!) -- my interest in aircraft always managed to stay around.  "Early on", I decided that 1/72 scale models were my primary scale, and I've built (literally) hundreds of them -- most of which are either long gone or relegated to the "scrap box".  Much to my wife's amusement (or sometimes disdain!), I still have hundreds more to build...  which I plan to get to, at some indeterminate point in the future!


Anyway... at some point in the future, I hope to have "stuff" relating to airplanes on this web site.