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This table is a listing of the U. S. Navy Nomenclature for ship types.  It is a mixture of World War II types and Modern types.  It is not inclusive.

A note:  I have included several designations, including AC, B, BC, ML, MS and TB in this table; they are not official U. S. Navy Nomenclature, but are in common usage and are, therefore, included here.

AB Crane Ship
AC Cruiser, Armored
ACM Minelayer, Auxiliary
AD Destroyer Tender
AE Ammunition Ship
AF Stores Ship
AG Auxiliary (miscellaneous)
AGC Amphibious Command Ship
AGD Seagoing Dredger
AGL Lighthouse Tender
AGP Motor Torpedo Boat Tender
AGS Surveying Ship
AH Hospital Ship
AK Cargo Ship
AKA Attack Cargo Ship
AKL Light Cargo Ship
AKN Net Cargo Ship
AKS General Stores-Issue Ship
AKV Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry
AL Lightship
AM Minesweeper
AMc Minesweeper, Coastal
AMc(U) Minesweeper, Coastal (underwater locator)
AO Fleet Oiler
AOG Gasoline Tanker
AP Troop Transport
APA Attack Transport
APB Barracks Ship
APc Coastal Transport
APD High-speed Transport
APH Transport fitted for evacuation of wounded
APS Transport submarine
APV Transport and Aircraft Ferry
AR Repair Ship
ARB Repair Ship, battle damage
ARC Cable ship
ARG Repair Ship, internal-combustion engine
ARH Heavy-hull repair ship
ARL Repair ship, landing craft
ARS Salvage vessel
ARV Aircraft repair ship
AS Submarine Tender
ASR Submarine Rescue Vessel
ATA Ocean Tug, auxiliary
ATF Ocean Tug, Fleet
ATO Ocean Tug, old
ATR Ocean Tug, rescue
AV Seaplane Tender
AVC Catapault lighter
AVD Seaplane tender (ex-destroyer)
AVP Seaplane tender, small
AVR Aircraft rescue vessel
AVS Aviation supply ship
AW Distilling ship
AWK Water Tanker
B Battleship, Pre-DREADNOUGHT
BB Battleship (in most usages, refers to DREADNOUGHT-type battleships)
BC Battlecruiser
BM Monitor
CA Cruiser, Heavy
CB Cruiser, Large
CC Cruiser, Battle
CG Cruiser, Guided Missile
CGN Cruiser, Guided Missile, Nuclear
CL Cruiser, Light
CLAA Cruiser, Light, Anti-aircraft
CM Minelayer
CMc Minelayer, Coastal
CV Aircraft Carrier
CVB Aircraft Carrier, Large
CVE Aircraft Carrier, Escort
CVL Aircraft Carrier, Light
CVN Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear
CVS Seaplane Carrier
DD Destroyer
DDG Destroyer, Guided Missile
DE Destroyer Escort
DDL Destroyer Leader
DL Destroyer Leader
DM Minelayer, Light
DMS Minesweeper, High Speed
FF Frigate
FFG Frigate, Guided Missile
IX Unclassified vessel
LC(FF) Landing Craft, flotilla flagship
LCC Landing Craft, Control
LCI Landing Craft, Infantry
LCI(G) Landing Craft, Infantry, gun
LCI(L) Landing Craft, Infantry, large
LCI(M) Landing Craft, Infantry, mortar
LCI(R) Landing Craft, Infantry, rocket
LCM Landing Craft, Mechanized
LCP Landing Craft, Personnel
LCP(L) Landing Craft, Personnel, large
LCP(N) Landing Craft, Personnel, nested
LCP(R) Landing Craft, Personnel, ramp
LCS Landing Craft, Support
LCS(L) Landing Craft, Support, large
LCT Landing Craft, Tank
LCV Landing Craft, Vehicle
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel
LSD Landing Ship, Dock
LSM Landing Ship, Medium
LSM(R) Landing Ship, Medium (rocket)
LST Landing Ship, Tank
LST(H) Landing Ship. Tank (evacuation of wounded)
LSV Landing Ship, vehicle
LVT Landing Vehicle, tracked
ML Minelayer
MS Minesweeper
PC Submarine Chaser
PF Patrol Frigate
PG Gunboat
PR Gunboat, River
PT Motor Torpedo Boat
PY Yacht
PYc Yacht, Coastal
SS Submarine
SM Submarine, Minelayer
SSBN Submarine, Nuclear, Ballistic Missile
SSN Submarine, Nuclear
TB Torpedo boat



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