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Type: Seaplane Tender
Class: only ship in class
Builder: Cockatoo Dockyard
Completed: January, 1929
Displacement: 4,800 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

443' 9" x 77' 9" x 17' 3"
Machinery: 2-shaft Parsons geared turbines, 4 Yarrow boilers; 12,000shp.  Oil:  942 tons.
Speed: 21 knots
4 4.7" / 40 QF HA 4x1
4 2-pdr. "pom-poms" 4x1
4 3-prd. saluting 4x1
9 aircraft (one catapult)
Compliment: 450



Sister ships:  



Pennant Number:  I.22



Notes:  ALBATROSS was built for the Royal Australian Navy and served with the RAN, 1928-38.  She was transferred to the Royal Navy in September, 1938 and served in the South Atlantic, 1939-42, then the  Eastern Fleet, 1942-43, where she served off of West Africa and the in the Indian Ocean.  ALBATROSS  was converted to a repair ship in 1943; all her aircraft equipment was removed, and her lighter guns were replaced by eight-2pdr. "pom-poms" in two twin mounts and six single 20mm AA guns.  ALBATROSS served with Home Fleet in 1944; she was torpedoed on 11 November 1944 and although not seriously damaged, she was not repaired for service.  ALBATROSS was placed in reserve in 1945 and was sold as mercantile HELLENIC PRINCE in 1946.  Eventually, she was sold for scrap and broken up in mid-1964.



argonaut___67_albatross_av_1928_-_01.jpg (33625 bytes) Argonaut 67
star_108_albatross_av_1929_-_01.jpg (15739 bytes) Star 108
star_108_albatross_av_1929_-_02.jpg (22268 bytes) Star 108