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Type: CA
Class: ALGÉRIE - only ship in class
Builder: Arsenal de Brest
Commissioned: 1934
Displacement: 10,000 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

610' 11" x 65' 7" x 20'2"
Main belt: 4.75"
Bulkheads (transverse): 2.75"
Bulkheads (longitudinal): 1.5"
Main deck (middle): 3"
Main deck (ends): 1"
Turret (faces): 3.75"
Turret (other surfaces): 2.75"
CT: 2.75" to 3.75"
Machinery: 4-shaft Rateau-Bretagne geared turbines, 6 Indret boilers; 84,000shp.  Oil:  3,186 tons.  Range:  8,700nm at 15 knots.
Speed: 31 knots
8 8" / 50 cal. 4x2
12 3.9" / 50 cal. AA 6x2
8 37mm AA 4x2
15 13.2mm AA
6 21" TT 2x3
3 aircraft
Compliment: 748



Sister ships:  only ship in class



Notes:  Authorized in 1930, the ALGÉRIE was the last and the best of the French "Treaty Cruisers", and considered to be one of the best CA's in any navy.  She was built in response to the Italian ZARA class. Armor emphasis was against aerial and torpedo attack, and nearly 23% of her 10,000 tons was devoted to armor.   ALGÉRIE was designed from the beginning as a flagship, and had extra facilities for a command staff as well as an admiral’s bridge.

At the outset of World War II, ALGÉRIE was the flagship of the 1st Cruiser Squadron, based at Dakar.  In March 1940, after refitting at Toulon, ALGÉRIE accompanied the battleship BRETAGNE to Canada, carrying more than 3,000 cases of French gold between them.  In April, ALGÉRIE returned to the Mediterranean and when Italy declared war on France, she shelled Genoa in June.  Her last mission before the French surrender was as a convoy escort.

In a refit at Toulon in 1941,  her AA armament was increased by 8-37mm guns (in twin mounts) and 20-13.2mm, and the aircraft and catapult were removed.  When German forces invaded the so-called "Free Zone" on 27 November 1942, ALGÉRIE was scuttled by explosive charges set by her crew while at her berth at Toulon.  She raised on 18 March 1943 by the Italians, who had hoped to repair her.  But ALGÉRIE was found to be too badly damaged, and she was subsequently broken up and scrapped.



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