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Type: BC
Class: AMAGI - four ships in class
Builder: Yokosuka Naval Yard, Kosho
Completed: scheduled to be completed in November, 1923
Displacement: 41,217 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

826' 1" x 101' x 31'
Belt: 10"
Bulkheads: 2.85"
Barbettes: 9" - 11"
Deck: 3.8"
CT: 3" - 14"
Machinery: 4 Gijutsu-Hombu shaft-geared turbines, 19 Kanpon boilers; 131,200shp.  Oil:  3,900 tons.  Coal:  2,500 tons.  Range:  8,000nm at 14 knots.
Speed: 30 knots
10 16" / 45 cal. 5x2
16 5.5" / 50 cal. 16x1
4 4.7" / 45 cal. 4x1
8 24" TT above water



Sister ships:  AKAGI, ATAGO, TAKAO



Notes:  The AMAGI class was Design B-64 of 1919, by Y. Hiraga, and was basically an enlarged KAGA class battleship with thinner belt and deck armor but nearly four more knots of speed.  It has been speculated that the 16" / 45 cal. were to be replaced with a 50 cal. version that was tested in 1920.  All work on AMAGI (and her three sister ships) was suspended on 5 February 1922, in accordance with the Washington Naval Treaty; at this time, AMAGI was nearly 40% completed.  It was decided to complete AMAGI (and AKAGI) as aircraft carriers, as was being done with the American LEXINGTON and SARATOGA (both ex-battlecruisers).  Work had begun along this line when AMAGI was damaged beyond repair by an earthquake on 1 September 1923 while she was still on the slipways.  She was stricken and broken up in 1924



          No pictures at this time; this page intended as a "companion piece" to AKAGI.  However, Superior has made a 1:1200 scale model of the class, and when I get pictures, I will post them here.