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Type: Cruiser, 2nd Class
Class: ARROGANT - four in class
Commissioned: 1898
Builder: Devonport Dockyard
Displacement: 5,750 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

342' x 57' 6" x 20'

Deck: 1.5" - 3"
Sides (forward): 2"
CT: 9"
Gun shields: 4.5"
Engine hatch: 4"
Machinery: 2-shaft, 3 cyl. TE, 18 Belleville boilers; 10,000ihp.  Coal:  1,175 tons
Speed: 19 knots
4 6" QF 4x1
8 12-pdr. 8x1
3 3-pdr. OF 3x1
5 MG's
3 18" TT
Compliment: 480



Sister ships:  FURIOUS (renamed FORTE in 1915), GLADIATOR, VINDICTIVE



Notes:  The four ships of the ARROGANT class were intended to be used directly with the Fleet rather than on the trade routes, and designed to employ ramming tactics in action.  They were very maneuverable, and had a second rudder forward of the main rudder; tactical radius was a mere 380 yards.  Armor was heavier than in contemporary second class cruisers, especially on the conning tower, due to the intended role as a ram (and subsequent exposure to close-range fire).  Due to the extra armor (and the altered hull form, as a result of the requirements for maneuverability vs. speed), the class was slower than the preceding ECLIPSE class.  The entire class re-armed with 10 - 6" guns in 1903-04.  ARROGANT became a depot ship in 1911, and was sold for breaking up in 1923.



hai_444_arrogant_c_1898_-_01.jpg (17078 bytes) Hai 444
hai_444_arrogant_c_1898_-_02.jpg (18602 bytes) Hai 444