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Type: CV
Class: only ship in class (see Notes, below)
Builder: F C de la Méditerranée, La Seyne
Completed: May, 1927
Displacement: 22,146 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

599' x 115' 6" x 30' 6"
Belt: 3.25"
Flight deck: 1"
Main deck: 1"
Lower deck: 2.75"
Casemates: 2.75"
Machinery: 4 shafts, 2 turbines, 6 Normand du Temple boilers; 22,500shp + 2 sets reciprocating engines; 15,000ihp.  Oil:  2,160 tons.  Range:  6,000nm at 10 knots.
Speed: 21.5 knots
8 6.1" / 55 cal. 8x1
6 3" AA 6x1
16 machine guns
4 21.7" TT submerged
40 aircraft
Compliment: 875



Sister ships:  none (see Notes)



Notes:  Laid down as a NORMANDIE class battleship; the incomplete hull was taken in for conversion to an aircraft carrier in 1922, with work commencing in August, 1923.  There were three lifts to carry aircraft from the hangar deck to the flight deck; beneath the hangar deck were more workshops, and storage for partially assembled aircraft.  Due to her limited flight deck space, only ten aircraft could be operated at any given time.  BÉARN was completely re-fitted in 1935, but by the outbreak of World War II, she was deemed unfit for fleet carrier duties (due mainly to her slow speed).  She was demilitarized at Martinique in May, 1942, but joined the FNFL on 30 June 1943.  BÉARN was converted to an aircraft transport in the United States in 1944-45, and was given an armament of 4 ' 5" / 38 cal. DP guns (4x1), 24 - 40mm AA guns (6x4) and 26 - 20mm guns (26x1).  Following World War II, BÉARN served as an accommodation ship for submarine crews at Toulon; she was sold for scrap and broken up in March, 1967.



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