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Type: B
Class: BORODINO - five ships in class
Builder: New Admiralty
Completed: August, 1904
Displacement: 13,516 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

397' x 76' 2" x 26' 2"
Belt: 6" - 7.5"
Turrets (main): 4" - 10"
Turrets (secondary): 6"
CT: 8"
Machinery: 2-shaft VTE, 20 Belleville boilers; 16,300ihp.  Coal:  1,520 tons.
Speed: 17.8 knots
4 12" / 40 cal. 2x2
12 6" / 45 cal. 6x2
20 11-pdr. 20x1
20 3-pdr. 20x1
4 15" TT 2 above WL, 2 submerged
Compliment: 835






Notes:  The design of the BORODINO class was obviously French (as was the preceding TSESSAREVITCH), with the forecastle deck extending past the mainmast, and a very pronounced tumblehome.  Although slightly larger than the TSESSAREVITCH, the armor was altered -- and not for the better, as the belt was thinner and a foot narrower.


BORODINO served with the Russian Baltic Fleet, and was a part of the squadron that was dispatched to the Far East to reinforce Russian forces at Port Arthur -- a 17,000 mile journey which began on 15 October 1904.  Unfortunately for the Russians, Port Arthur fell to the Japanese on 12 January 1905.  Admiral Zinovi Rozhestvensky, commanding the Russian fleet, decided to press on, with the intent of joining up with the remainder of the Russian Far East Fleet at Vladivostok.  The Russian Baltic Fleet was intercepted on 27 May 1905  in the Straits of Tsushima by the Japanese Fleet, under the command of Admiral Heihachiro Togo, who had been waiting for them to arrive.  In the Battle of Tsushima, Togo's ships "crossed the T" on the Russian fleet, allowing them to concentrate fire on the lead ship.  BORODINO was the third ship to take its place at the lead of the line, and received the concentrated fire of most of the Japanese squadron for nearly four hours before a 12" shell from the FUJI caused a magazine explosion; BORODINO quickly capsized and sank.




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