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Type: Cruiser / Minelayer
Class: BRUMMER - two in class
Builder: Vulcan, Stettin
Completed: April, 1916
Displacement: 4,385 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

460' 7" x 43' 4" x 19' 8"
Belt: 1.75"
Deck: 0.5"
CT: 0.75" - 4"
Machinery: 2-shaft Navy turbines; 6 boilers (2 coal-fired, 4 oil-fired); 33,000shp.  Coal:  600 tons.  Oil: 1,000 tons.  Range:  5,800nm at 12 knots / 1,400nm at 25 knots.
Speed: 28 knots
4 5.9" / 45 cal. 4x1
2 3.45" / 45 cal. AA 2x1
2 19.7" TT deck-mounted
400 mines
Compliment: 309



Sister ship:  BREMSE



Notes:  The German Navy entered World War I with a marked deficiency in mine warfare vessels (although most of their light cruisers could be used in that capacity).  Increasing requests for such vessels led to the order for two vessels, which used the turbines which had been prepared for the Russian battlecruiser NAVARIN.  As an emphasis was placed on their minelaying capabilities, they are considered to be the first fast minelayers.  In service, they were noted as being good sea boats with a good turning circle.  BRUMMER served with the High Seas Fleet, and was interred with the majority of the Fleet at Scapa Flow following the war.  Scuttled on 21 June 1919; raised and broken up in 1929.



navis__42n_brummer_cl_1916_-_00.jpg (41636 bytes) Navis 42n
navis__42n_brummer_cl_1916_-_01.jpg (27415 bytes) Navis 42n
navis__42n_brummer_cl_1916_-_02.jpg (35032 bytes) Navis 42n