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Type: CL
Class: CAROLINE - six in class
Builder: Hawthorne Leslie
Completed: June, 1915
Displacement: 4,219 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

446' x 41' 6" x 16'

Belt: 1" - 3"
Deck: 1"
CT: 6"
Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons independent reduction turbines; 8 Brown-Curtis boilers; 40,000shp.  Oil:  916 tons
Speed: 28.5 knots
2 6" / 45 cal. 2x1
8 4" / 45 cal. QF 8x1
1 13-pdr. (76mm) AA 1x1
4 3-pdr. (47mm)
4 21" TT 2x2
Compliment: 301






Notes:  The CAROLINE class were an improvement on the preceding ARETHUSA class.  They were ten feet longer, and with nearly three feet more beam, they were more stable gun platforms.  One of the 4" guns was moved atop the after deckhouse, superimposed over the aft 6" gun, and an extra pair of 4" guns was mounted on the forecastle. CARYSFORT joined the 4th Light Cruiser Squadron in August, 1915.  While serving with the Harwich Force in 1915, she received a flying-off platform on the forecastle for launching French monoplanes against German Zeppelins; this platform was removed in early 1916.  She relieved CONQUEST in the 5th LCS in April, 1916.  Her forward pair of 4" mounts (generally found to be useless) were replace by a single 6" mount ca. 1916.  A fourth 6" abaft the funnels at forecastle deck level a year later -- at the same time, the remaining 4" guns were removed and four more 21" TT (in twin mounts) were added.  In 1917, CARYSFORT was made the Flagship of the 7th LCS, Grand Fleet.  In December, 1917, CARYSFORT collided with the SS GLENTAISE off Orfordness.  Following the end of World War I, CARYSFORT was grossly overweight and subsequently lightened by removing after control platform and all searchlights.  She joined the 2nd LCS, Harwich Force, in April, 1919, and was sent to Baltic in 1919-20.  CARYSFORT was then returned to home waters and assigned to the 2nd LCS, Atlantic Fleet.  She patrolled Irish waters during the Civil War in 1922, then was sent to Turkish waters during its war with Greece in 1922-23.  CARYSFORT was paid off into the Reserve at Devonport in September, 1923, but was recommissioned for trooping duties a year later.  In 1927, she was made Flagship of the Devonport Reserve.  She served as a troop transport to China in February - July, 1929, then as the SNO's ship, Devonport Reserve in January, 1930 until relieved by COMUS.  CARYSFORT was paid off into dockyard control at Devonport in April, 1931, and sold for breaking up.



navis_142_comus_cl_1915_-_01.jpg (23711 bytes) Navis 142
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