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Type: protected cruiser
Class: only ship in class
Completed 1902
Builder: La Seyne
Displacement: 7,898 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

442' 11" x 55' 9" x 24' 3"
Machinery: 3-shaft VTE, 14 Normand Sigaudy boilers; 23,000ihp.  Coal:  1,960 tons
Speed: 24 knots
2 6.4" / 45 cal. 2x1
6 5.5" / 45 cal. 6x1
10 3-pdr. 10x1
5 1-pdr. 5x1
Compliment: 604



Sister ships:  none



Notes:  While very similar to the preceding protected cruiser GUICHEN, the CHÂTEAURENAULT differed quite a bit in appearance; her four funnels were evenly spaced, and her forecastle deck ran almost to her stern.  The intention was to make it relatively easy to disguise the CHÂTEAURENAULT as an unknown liner.  The 6.4" guns were on the centerline fore and aft, while the 5.5" guns were situated in upper deck casemates (abreast of the masts, both port and starboard) and on sponsons (between the third and fourth funnels, port and starboard). She was considered to be a fine steamer.  CHÂTEAURENAULT began World War I attached to the 2nd Light Cruiser Squadron in the English Channel; in 1915, transferred to the Mediterranean, where she served the rest of her career (apart from a detachment to the Atlantic in February, 1916, to search for the German raider MÖWE).  While carrying troops on 14 December 1917, CHÂTEAURENAULT was hit by two torpedoes from the German submarine UC-38 off Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea and sank; 1,162 on board survived the sinking.



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