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Type: CA
Class: SUFFREN - four in class
Builder: Arsenal de Brest
Completed: 1931
Displacement: 9,938 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches):

637' 2" x 63' 7" x 24' 7"
Belt: 2" - 2.25"
Upper and main decks: 0.75" - 1"
Turrets: 1"
CT: 11"
Machinery: 3-shaft Rateau-Bretagne geared turbines, 9 Guyot du Temple boilers; 90,000shp.  Oil:  1,800 tons.  Coal:  640 tons.  Range:  5,300nm at 15 kts; 3,700nm at 20 kts.
Speed: 31 knots
8 8" / 50 cal. 4x2
8 3.5" / 50 cal. Mod. 26 AA 8x1
8 37mm AA 4x2
12 13.2mm AA 3x4
3 aircraft
Compliment: 605






Notes:  The four ships of the SUFFREN class were ordered one per year from 1925 through 1928.  The design was modified from the preceding DUQUESNE class, but with improved armor (at a cost of two knots of speed).  Each ship in the class was slightly improved as they were building; as a result, no two ships of the class were exactly alike.  COLBERT was built with two small coal-fired boilers, designed to add another 2,000nm of range at 11 knots; the 6.5' wide coal bunkers also served as additional protection to the after boiler and engine rooms.  During her trials, COLBERT reached 33.06 knots for a full hour.  During a refit in 1941-42, COLBERT received an additional six 37mm AA guns in single mounts, 20 more 13.2" AA guns (4x4 and 2x2), and four 8mm AA guns (4x1). 


Before the fall of France in World War II, COLBERT took part in several shore bombardments.  However, upon France's surrender, COLBERT joined a major part of the French fleet at Toulon, where they sat idle (as part of the terms of the surrender).  On 27 November 1942, German troops moved into the unoccupied zone of France; it was believed that they were trying to reach Toulon to capture intact a major portion of the Vichy French Navy.  Vice-Admiral Jean de Laborde, who was in command, ordered the French ships (69 in all) scuttled to prevent their use by the Germans.  COLBERT was among those successfully scuttled.  She was scrapped there in 1943.



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Neptun 1433

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