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Type: CL
Class: only ship in class
Builder: A C St-Nazaire-Penhoët
Completed: 1934
Displacement: 5,886 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

580' 8" x 52' 6" x 21' 8"
Deck: 1"
Magazines: 1"
CT: 1"
Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons geared turbines, 6 Penhoët boilers; 102,000shp.  Oil:  1,360 tons.  Range:  3,600nm at 15 knots; 1,100nm at 33 knots.
Speed: 34 knots
9 6" / 50 cal. 3x3
4 3.5" / 50 cal. AA 1x2, 2x1
8 37mm AA 4x2
8 13.2mm AA 4x2
6 21.7" TT 2x3
2 aircraft
200 mines
Compliment: 711



Sister ships:  none



Notes:  Authorized under the 1930 Programme, ÉMILE BERTIN was originally planned to be an improved PLUTON type cruiser-minelayer.  But in the final design, her "cruiser" characteristics were emphasized, and she was built much more along the lines of a true cruiser.  She was lightly built, and within a year of entering service, ÉMILE BERTIN had to have her hull strengthened below the turrets to allow salvo firing.  However, she was very fast, making as much as 39.6 knots (over her normal "rating" of 34 knots) -- and furthermore, the day of the speed trials, the weather was bad, making her performance more impressive.  ÉMILE BERTIN served as a flagship for a flotilla of destroyers.  Based at Martinique after June, 1940, she was interred there until 3 June 1943, when a change in the local authorities allowed her release to serve with Free French forces.  ÉMILE BERTIN was refitted in the United States during 1944-45; at which time her torpedoes, aircraft and catapult were removed, along with her original anti-aircraft weapons, which were replaced by 16-40mm Bofors AA guns (4x4) and 20-20mm AA (20x1).  Following World War II, ÉMILE BERTIN was used as a sea-going gunnery training ship until she was placed in reserve in 1952.  ÉMILE BERTIN was broken up in October, 1959.



neptun_1442_emil_bertin_cl_1938_-_00.jpg (24625 bytes) Neptun 1442
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