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Type: Seaplane carrier
Class: ENGADINE - only ship in class
Builder: Denny
Commissioned (following conversion): August, 1914
Displacement: 1,881 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

316' x 41' x 16'
Machinery: 3-shaft Parsons turbines, 6 Babcock & Wilcox boilers; 6,000shp.  Coal:  119 tons
Speed: 21.5 knots
2 4" 2x1
1 6-pdr. (57mm) AA
4 seaplanes
Compliment: 250



Sister ships:  none



Notes:  The last of three cross-Channel steamers of the South East and Chatham Railway Company taken over by the Royal Navy on 11 August 1914, for conversion at Chatham Dockyard to seaplane carriers.  She was hampered by poor performance of her seaplanes, and several attempts to attack shore targets were hampered by the difficulties of handling the aircraft.  Took part in the Cuxhaven Raid on 25 December, 1914.  Refitted by Cunard Co. in 1915; thereafter, carried four seaplanes.  With the Grand Fleet, 1915-1917.  Attack on Tondern Zeppelin sheds on 4 May 1916.  Was present at Jutland on 31 May 1916; one of her seaplanes sighted the High Seas Fleet, but failed to get the message through.  Towed the damaged WARRIOR in an attempt to save the armored cruiser, and rescued 600 of the WARRIOR's crew when that ship sank.  To the Mediterranean in 1918; paid off in November, 1919, and returned to owners.



navis_185_engadine_seaplane_tender_1915_-_01.jpg (29314 bytes) Navis 185