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FRET class




Type: DD
Class: FRET - eight in class
Builder: see Notes
Completed: 1910-13
Displacement: 510 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

231' x 21' 8" x 9' 3"
Machinery: 2-shaft turbines, four Yarrow boilers; 8,500shp.  Coal:  120 tons.  Range:  see Notes.
Speed: 30 knots
4 75mm / 40 cal. 4x1
4 MG
2 18" TT
Compliment: 83



Name: Builder: Launched: Fate:
BULHOUND De Schelde December, 1911 Stricken in 1927
FRET De Schelde October, 1910 Stricken in 1922
JAKHALS De Schelde January, 1912 Stricken in 1928
WOLF De Schelde September, 1910 Stricken in 1924
HERMELIJN De Schelde February, 1913 Stricken in 1925
LYNX De Schelde December, 1912 Stricken in 1928
PANTER Fijenoord September, 1913 Stricken in 1934
VOS Fijenoord June, 1913 Stricken in 1928




Notes:  As the eight ships of this class were completed, they were sent in pairs to the East Indies in service.  They were completed with four short funnels, but later altered with heights reducing from the first to the fourth.  The first four had a range of 2,360 miles at 8.5 knots, and 670 miles at 20 knots; the last four had a range of 2,700 miles at 8.5 knots, and 750 miles at 20 knots.  After being stricken, FRET and LYNX were used as targets, and broken up at Soerabaja in the 1930's.  PANTER was converted to a dispatch vessel in 1928.  The torpedo tubes removed from this class were later fitted in MTB's TM-3 through TM-21.



rhenania_rh_135_wolf_dd_1912_-_01_-_bob_mackie.jpg (34444 bytes)

Rhenania RH-135

(as WOLF)

rhenania_rh_135_wolf_dd_1912_-_02_-_bob_mackie.jpg (26716 bytes) Rhenania RH-135
rhenania_rh_135_wolf_dd_1912_-_03_-_bob_mackie.jpg (21980 bytes) Rhenania RH-135