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Type: AC
Class: only ship in class
Builder: Kiel Dockyard
Completed: April, 1900
Displacement: 11,281 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

417' x 67' x 27' 9"
Belt: 8"
Casemates: 4"
Deck: 4"
Turrets: 8"
CT: 8"
Machinery: 3 VTE; 4 transverse Thornycroft plus 8 transverse cylindrical boilers; 13,500ihp.  Coal:  1,400 tons.  Oil:  120 tons.  Range:  4,560nm at 10 knots / 3,230nm at 12 knots
Speed: 18.5 knots
4 9.45" / 40 cal. 2x2
12 5.9" / 40 cal. 12x1
10 3.45" / 30 cal. 10x1
6 17.7" TT one stern above water in a swivel mount; other five submerged
Compliment: 621



Notes:  FÜRST BISMARCK was Germany's first armored cruiser.  However, apart from her thicker belt armor and more (and heavier) guns, she was an enlarged version of the VICTORIA LOUISE class protected cruisers.  She was regarded as a good sea boat, and noted as very responsive to the helm.  FÜRST BISMARCK was wood-sheathed for service in tropical waters, which is where she spent the first decade of her service.  She was rebuilt in 1910 and again in 1915, but only saw brief service in World War I as a coast defense ship before being disarmed and used to train stokers.  In 1919, she served as an office ship.  FÜRST BISMARCK was broken up in 1919-20 at Audorf-Rendsburg.



navis__35_furst_bismarck_ac_1900_-_01.jpg (20029 bytes) Navis 35
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