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Type: BM
Class: GORGON - two in class
Builder: Elswick
Commissioned: 31 August 1918
Displacement: 5,700 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

310' x 73' 7" x 16' 4"
Belt: 3" - 7"
Bulkheads: 3" - 4"
Barbettes: 6" - 8"
Turret faces: 8"
CT: 8"
Decks: 1" - 2.5"
Machinery: 2-shaft VTE; 4 boilers; 4,000ihp.  Coal:  364 tons.  Oil:  171 tons
Speed: 12 knots
2 9.2" / 51.4 cal 2x1
4 6" / 48.9 cal 4x1
2 3" (76mm) / 20cwt AA 2x1
4 3-pdr. (47mm) AA 4x1
4 2-pdr. (40mm)aa 4x1
Compliment: 305



Sister ships:  GORGON



Notes:  The GLATTON was laid down as the Norwegian coast defense battleship BJORGVIN in June, 1913.  She was purchased by the Royal Navy from Norway in late1914 and work began almost immediately for her conversion into a monitor.  Completion was delayed due to work to finish the "large light cruisers" COURAGEOUS and FURIOUS, then work was further delayed for more design changes.  GLATTON's main guns could fire to 39,000 yards at 40 elevation.


GLATTON was sent to Dover after commissioning, arriving on 11 September 1918.  Five days later while in Dover harbor, her midships 6" magazine exploded, catching GLATTON on fire.  Attempts to scuttle her failed; Admiral Keyes ordered the destroyer COSSACK to torpedo her.  The first torpedo failed to explode, but the second blew a large hole in her starboard side. Two more 21" torpedoes from the destroyer MYNGS were needed before she rolled over and sank.  Over half of her crew were killed or injured.  The Board of Inquiry reported in April, 1919 that cork insulation might have been ignited by red-hot clinker and ash piled against the magazine bulkhead (with the stokers being unaware that the magazine was on the other side), but no definitive conclusion was reached.  Raised in May, 1925; while being broken up, discovered that in some places the cork insulation had not been installed -- but rather, newspapers -- far more likely to char and burst into flame than cork.  GLATTON was broken up on site, May, 1925 - March, 1926.



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