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Type: B
Class: CANOPUS - six in class
Builder: Chatham Dockyard
Commissioned: March, 1900
Displacement: 13,150 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

421' 6" x 74' x 26' 2"
Belt: 6"
Bulkheads: 6" - 10"
Barbettes: 12"
Gun houses: 8"
Casemates: 6"
CT: 12"
Decks: 1" - 2"
Machinery: 2-shaft, 3-cyl TE; 20 Belleville boilers; 13,500ihp.
Speed: 18 knots
4 12" BL 2x2
12 6" QF 12x1
10 12-pdr. QF 10x1
6 3-pdr. 6x1
4 18" TT submerged
Compliment: 682






Notes:  The CANOPUS class were smaller and faster versions of previous MAJESTIC class; in part designed for China Station.  2,000 tons was saved by adoption of Krupp armor for the belt; the 6" Krupp belt was judged to be approximately as effective as an 8" Harvey steel belt (Conway 1860-1905, p. 35; see Bibliography).  They were the first British battleships with water-tube boilers, which allowed for more power without an increase in weight.  The CANOPUS class were regarded as good steamers.


Upon completion, GOLIATH was assigned to China Station; she returned to Home waters in 1905, and joined the Channel Fleet in 1906.  Reduced to nucleus crew in March, 1907, following fitting with fire control.  Her machinery overhauled August, 1907 - February, 1908; then GOLIATH went to Malta.  She returned to Nore in April, 1909; with 3rd Fleet in 1913-1914.  GOLIATH was commissioned to 8th Battle Squadron for service in the Channel in August, 1914 and sent to Loch Ewe as a guard ship.  She covered landing of Marines at Ostend, and then was sent to the East Indies in September, 1914.  In November, 1914, GOLIATH took part in the Rufiji River operations against the KÖNIGSBERG, then went to Dardanelles in April, 1915.  She provided gunfire support at Cape Hellas and was damaged on 25 April and 2 May.  On night of 13 May 1915, GOLIATH was torpedoed by Turkish torpedo boat MUAVENET and sank quickly with the loss of 750 men.



navis_113_goliath_b_1900_-_01.jpg (29018 bytes) Navis 113
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