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Type: Minelayer (see Notes)
Class: only ship in class
Builder: A C Augustin-Normand
Completed: February, 1938
Displacement: 2,250 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

338' 7" x 43' x 11' 10"
Machinery: 2-shaft Sulzer diesels; 6,000bhp.  Oil:  310 tons.
Speed: 20 knots
6 4.7" / 50 cal. 2x2, 2x1
4 40mm AA 2x2
4 13.2mm AA 2x2
600 mines
Compliment: 205



Sister ships:  only ship in class



Notes:  GRYF was ordered in 1934, and designed to fulfill a number of tasks.  Unfortunately as is often the case in such circumstances, she was able to fulfill none of them very effectively.  Her primary role was that of a minelayer, but GRYF was also to serve not only as a training ship for cadets, but as a state yacht as well.  She was considered overgunned for her size.  After being lightly damaged by German bombers on 1 September 1939, GRYF (and her floating dock) were deliberately sunk in place to serve as a defensive battery at Hela.  On 9 September 1939, Luftwaffe bombers destroyed her there.  Two of her 4.7" guns and all four of her 40mm guns were salvaged and used in the Polish defense of the Hela Peninsula.  The wreck was later raised by the Germans, and then sunk in the shallows of the Gulf of Gdansk.  GRYF was used as a target after the war, then partially raised and scrapped on site in the 1960's.



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