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Type: BM
Class: HUMBER - three ships in class
Builder: Vickers
Commissioned: January, 1914
Displacement: 1,260 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

266' 9" x 49' x 5' 7.5"
Belt: 1.5" - 3"
Bulkheads: 1.5"
Barbettes: 3.5"
Turret face: 4"
Machinery: 2-shaft TE, 2 boilers; 1,450ihp.  Coal:  187 tons.  Oil:  90 tons.
Speed: 9.5 knots
2 6" / 50 cal. 1x2
2 4.7" / 18 cal. howitzers 2x1
4 3-pdr. (47mm) 4x1
6 7mm MG's - Hotchkiss  6x1
Compliment: 140



Sister ships:  SEVERN (ex-SOLIMOES), MERSEY (ex-MADEIRA)



Notes:  Laid down as the Brazilian river monitor JAVARY; as the Brazilian government could not afford to pay for them, the Royal Navy bought them on 3 August 1914, to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.  They were totally unsuitable for use in the open sea, as their shallow draught permitted them to be blown sideways.  HUMBER was ready for service on 25 August 1914, and reached station at Dover four days later.  Took part in Belgian coast operations in October - November, 1914.  Following refit at Chatham (during which she received an additional 6" gun, mounted on her quarterdeck), was sent to Mediterranean, arriving at Gallipoli in June, 1915.  Refitted at Alexandria in January, 1916, and remained in Egypt at Akaba as a guardship; sent to Mudros with her sisters in October, 1918.  Went through the Dardanelles after the Armistice, and after three months at Istanbul, returned home in March, 1919.  Refitted at Davenport, and sent to Murmansk in May, 1919.  Paid off at Chatham on 24 October 1920, and sold to a Dutch salvage company, who converted her to a crane barge.  Last noted as being in service in 1938; probably broken up post-1945.



l_hermann_hl_123_humber_bm_1914_-_201.jpg (12696 bytes) L Hermann HL 123
l_hermann_hl_123_humber_bm_1914_-_202.jpg (14569 bytes) L Hermann HL 123
l_hermann_hl_123_humber_bm_1914_-_203.jpg (13738 bytes) L Hermann HL 123
l_hermann_hl_123_humber_bm_1914_-_204.jpg (14246 bytes) L Hermann HL 123
navis_190n_humber_bm_1913_-_00.jpg (24889 bytes) Navis 190n
navis_190n_humber_bm_1913_-_01.jpg (18287 bytes) Navis 190n
navis_190n_humber_bm_1913_-_02.jpg (27287 bytes) Navis 190n
navis_190n_humber_bm_1913_-_03.jpg (14463 bytes) Navis 190n