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Type: Submarine tender
Class: ISAR - two in class
Builder: Bremer Vulkan (Vegesack)
Converted: 1938 by Schichau (Königsberg)
Displacement: 3,850 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

341' 3" x 45' 3" x 15' 6"
Machinery: 1 shaft reciprocating VTE, 3 Scotch boilers; 1,900ihp.  Oil:  295 tons
Speed: 14 knots
2 3.45" AA 2x1
4 37mm AA 2x2
4 20mm AA 4x1
Compliment: 198



Sister ship:  LECH



Notes:  The merchant ship PUMA was built by Bremer Vulkan (Vegesack) and launched in 1930.  In 1938, she (and her sister PANTHER) were requisitioned by the German Navy, re-named ISAR and LECH, respectively, and converted into submarine tenders.  ISAR served in her intended role during World War II.  Following the war, she was ceded to the Russian Navy as a war prize and was re-named NYEMAN; in 1949, she returned to mercantile duties as ARTSA.  Further details are unknown.



delphin__66_isar_sub_tender_1938_-_01.jpg (16627 bytes) Delphin 66
delphin__66_isar_sub_tender_1938_-_02.jpg (24114 bytes) Delphin 66
neptun_1096_isar_sub_tender_1939_-_00.jpg (26742 bytes) Neptun 1096