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Type: CL
Class: only ship in class
Builder: A C de St-Nazaire-PenhoŽt
Completed: September, 1931
Displacement: 6,496 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

557' 9" x 58' x 21 feet
Magazines: 0.75"
CT: 1"
Machinery: 2-shaft Parsons geared turbines, 4 PenhoŽt boilers; 32,500shp.  Oil:  1,400 tons.  Range:  5,200nm at 11 knots; 3,200nm at 21 knots.
Speed: 25 knots
8 6.1" / 55 cal. 4x2
4 3" / 60 cal. AA 4x1
4 37mm AA 2x2
12 13.2mm AA 12x1
2 21.7" TT 2x1
2 aircraft



Sister ships:  none



Notes:  Built as a training ship for midshipmen, without the normal speed of a cruiser.  Though her design called for two catapults, these were never installed, and the aircraft were lowered over the side by crane and took off from the water.  On trials, JEANNE D'ARC reached a speed of 27.3 knots, but in service she rarely reached 24 knots.  At the fall of France in May, 1940, JEANNE D'ARC was at Martinique, where she was interred.  Following a change in the local authorities, she joined the Allied Forces on 3 June 1943.  At that time, she was refitted in the United States; her torpedo tubes and aircraft were removed, and her light anti-aircraft guns were replaced by 6-40mm and 20-20mm guns, all in single mounts.  Following her refit, JEANNE D'ARC served with Allied forces in the Mediterranean.  Following World War II, JEANNE D'ARC continued in service as a training ship until 1964, until she was replaced by a new helicopter carrier of the same name.  She was scrapped at La Seyne in 1966.



neptun_1443_jeanne_d_arc_cl_1938_-_00.jpg (24062 bytes) Neptun 1443
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trident_t-1031_jeanne_d_arc_cl_1940_-_01.jpg (15251 bytes) Trident T-1031
trident_t-1031_jeanne_d_arc_cl_1940_-_02.jpg (15402 bytes) Trident T-1031