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Type: BB
Class: KÖNIG - four ships in class
Builder: Germaniawerft, Kiel
Completed: February, 1915
Displacement: 25,390 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

575' 6" x 96' 9" x 27' 3"
Belt: 3.2" - 14"
Bulkheads: 5" - 12"
Barbettes: 3.2" - 12"
Turrets: 3.2" - 12"
CT: 6.7" - 14"
Machinery: 3-shaft Parsons turbines, 15 Schulz-Thornycroft boilers; 31,000shp.  Coal:  3,540 tons.  Oil:  690 tons.  Range:  8,000nm at 12 knots; 4,000nm at 18 knots.
Speed: 21 knots
10 12" / 50 cal. 5x2
14 5.9" / 45 cal. 14x1
6 3.45" / 45 cal. 6x1
4 3.45" / 45 cal. AA 4x1
5 19.7" TT submerged
Compliment: 1,136






Notes:  These ships were an improvement on the preceding KAISER class battleships, especially in the layout of main battery turrets; all five were on the center line, with superfiring pairs both fore and aft.  The funnels were closer together than the KAISERs.  All four exceeded speed requirements on trials; the GROSSER KURFÜRST supposedly reached 24 knots.  They were regarded as very good sea boats.  Upon commissioning, KRONPRINZ joined with her sister ships to form the 3rd Squadron, 5th Division of the High Seas Fleet.  KRONPRINZ took part in the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916.  During the battle, her gun crews fired 144 rounds of 12" ammunition, primarily at the MALAYA.  One hit was claimed, but it is uncertain which ship scored the hit, as the MALAYA was under fire by not only the KRONPRINZ but the KÖNIG as well.  And despite being fired upon many times and drawing several near misses, KRONPRINZ was not hit and suffered no casualties.  During the battle, a torpedo fired by a British destroyer exploded in her wake, about 100 yard behind the KRONPRINZ; this led to British claims of a torpedo hit, but such was not the case.  KRONPRINZ was torpedoed by the British submarine J 1 on 5 November 1916.  The torpedo hit was under the bridge; nonetheless, KRONPRINZ was able to continue at 19 knots.  On 15 June 1918, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Imperial Government, she was renamed KRONPRINZ WILHELM.  Following World War I, she was interred along with most of the High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow.  On 21 June 1919, KRONPRINZ WILHELM was scuttled by her crew.  She was raised and broken up in 1962.



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