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Type: CL
Class: only ship in class
Builder: Wilhelmshaven Naval Dockyard
Commissioned: November, 1931
Displacement: 6,515 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

581' x 53' 2" x 16'
Belt: 1.5" - 2"
Deck: 0.75"
Turrets: 0.75" - 1.25"
CT: 1.25" - 4"
Machinery: 3 shafts total.  Navy geared turbines; 8 Navy boilers; 60,000shp (outer shafts).  Also -- 4 double-acting 2-stroke 7-cyl. MAN diesels; 12,400bhp (center shaft only). Oil:  1,200 tons; diesel:  550 tons.  Range:  2,800NM at 16.5 knots / 3,900NM at 10 knots.

32 knots with all machinery engaged

31 knots on turbines only

18 knots on diesels only

9 5.9" / 60 cal. 3x3
2 3.45" (88mm) / 45 cal. 2x1
8 37mm 4x2
12 19.7" TT 4x3
120 mines
Compliment: 850



"Sister" ship:  near-sister NÜRNBERG



Notes:  Laid down in 1928 as an improvement on the "K" class cruisers, LEIPZIG utilized a combination of steam and diesel propulsion.  In general, her layout was similar to the "K" class, but LEIPZIG had a single funnel.  In 1934, the 19.7" TT were replaced by the same number of 21" TT, still in four triple mounts (two banks were removed in 1941, and the remaining two banks were removed in 1944).  From 1935 through 1944, she carried a single catapult and two aircraft.  In 1936, the 88mm/45 cal. guns were replaced by six 88mm/76 cal. guns.


Following the outbreak of World War II, LEIPZIG undertook minelaying sorties in the North Sea.  During a minelaying sortie with NÜRNBERG on 13 December 1939, LEIPZIG was torpedoed amidships by the submarine HMS SALMON; while returning to port, she was attacked again (this time by the submarine HMS URSULA), but two of the three torpedoes intended for the damaged cruiser struck the sloop F9 instead.  LEIPZIG was laid up at Kiel and decommissioned; later, she was transferred to Danzig for repairs.  During repairs, she was converted into a training ship, losing the No. 2 engine room (which became a dormitory) and halving the number of boilers, thus reducing her maximum speed to 24 knots.  Repairs were completed, and LEIPZIG returned to service as a training ship in the Baltic on 1 October 1940.  During World War II, her anti-aircraft armament was augmented; by 1944, it had been increased by the addition of four-40mm/70 Bofors (4x1) and 16-20mm guns in single and twin mounts.  On 15 October 1944, while off the Hela Peninsula, LEIPZIG suffered engine problems and was temporarily adrift; while trying to recouple her engines, she was rammed by the heavy cruiser PRINZ EUGEN and nearly cut in two.  LEIPZIG was towed to Gotenhafen, but was never fully repaired and made seaworthy again.  Following World War II, she served as an accommodation ship for the German Minesweeping Administration.  On 16 December 1946, in the company of torpedo boat T-21 and fully loaded with poison gas shells, LEIPZIG was towed into the North Sea and scuttled.



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