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Type: BC
Class: DERFFLINGER - three in class (see Notes)
Builder: Schichau, Danzig
Completed: March, 1916
Displacement: 26,318 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

690' 3" x 95' 2" x 27' 3"
Belt: 4" - 12"
Bulkheads: 4" - 10"
Barbettes: 1.2" - 10.2"
Turrets: 3.7" - 10.7"
CT: 3.2" - 14"
Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons turbines, 18 Schulz-Thornycroft boilers; 63,000shp.  Coal:  3,700 tons.  Oil:  1,000 tons.  Range:  5,600nm at 14 knots.
Speed: 26.5 knots
8 12" / 50 cal. 4x2
14 5.9" / 45 cal 14x1
4 23.6" TT submerged
Compliment: 1,112






Notes:  An improvement on the preceding SEYDLITZ, with increases in armor and armament.  (HINDENBURG was completed to a slightly modified design, and is often considered to be of a separate class.)  The class were considered to be good sea-boats, although the casemates were "wet".  LÜTZOW was commissioned for trials on 8 August 1915, but developed serious problems with her turbines, and did not join the High Seas Fleet until March, 1916.  Eight 3.45" (88mm) AA guns were added in early 1916.  LÜTZOW took part in the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916, flying the flag of Vice Admiral Hipper and leading the 1st Scouting Group.  Her gunnery was noted as being very good; it is estimated that LÜTZOW fired 380 rounds of 12", 400 rounds of 5.9", and two torpedoes (Campbell, JUTLAND; see Bibliography).  LÜTZOW scored 19 - 12" hits on British ships; one on the battleship BARHAM, thirteen on the battlecruiser LION, two on the INVINCIBLE (the second hit caused INVINCIBLE's magazines to detonate, sinking the ship), and three on the armored cruiser DEFENCE; LÜTZOW is also credited with the destruction of the DEFENCE.  LÜTZOW's 5.9" guns scored hits on the light cruiser FALMOUTH and the destroyers ACASTA and ONSLOW.  During the battle, LÜTZOW was hit by at least 24 heavy shells (eight hit forward of "A" barbette); the most damaging was two 11" hits from INVINCIBLE, which burst below water in or near the broadside torpedo flat.  The flooding which followed became uncontrollable, and when the water line reached the upper edge of "B" barbette, orders were given to sink her.  Two torpedoes from the destroyer G 38 was fired; one hit amidships, and LÜTZOW sank within two minutes on 1 June 1916.  115 of her crew were killed and another 50 were wounded.



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