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Type: AC
Class: only ship in class
Builder: Armstrong
Completed: April, 1898
Displacement: 8,500 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

412' x 62' 9" x 22'
Belt: 5" - 7"
Protective deck: 1.5" - 3"
Main turrets: 5" - 7"
Secondary turrets: 5" - 6"
Casemates: 5" - 6"
CT: 9"
Machinery: 2-shaft VTE, 30 Belleville watertube boilers; 16,250ihp.  Coal:  1,200 tons
Speed: 21.6 knots
4 8" / 45 cal. 4x1
10 6" / 40 cal. 10x1
4 4.7" / 45 cal. 4x1
10 12-pdr. 10x1
3 18" TT one above waterline, two submerged
Compliment: 500



Sister ships:  none



Notes:  The GENERAL O'HIGGINS, designed by Sir Phillip Watts, had a hull of steel construction, with wood and copper sheathing; she was flush-decked with a ram bow and three funnels.  Two of her main battery guns were in turrets fore and aft, and the remaining two in turrets on either side of the forefunnel.  The 6" guns were in casemates on the main deck, and in turrets mounted over the midships and aft casemates.  A fixed torpedo tube was mounted at the stern above the waterline, and the other two were submerged on the broadsides.  In 1919, it was considered to rebuild GENERAL O'HIGGINS as a seaplane carrier; however, this was not carried out.  Later, she served as a training ship.  GENERAL O'HIGGINS was sold for scrap and broken up in 1958.



hl_116_general_o-higgins_ac_1897_01.jpg (23956 bytes) L Hermann  HL 116
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