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Type: CVL
Class: ZUIHO -- two in class
Builder: Yokosuka Naval Yard
Completed: January, 1942
Displacement: 11,262 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

671' 11" x 59' 9" x 21' 9"
Machinery: 2 shaft-geared turbines, 4 boilers; 52,000shp.  Oil:  2,600 tons.  Range:  7,800nm at 18 knots.
Speed: 28 knots
8 5"/40 cal. DP 4x2
8 25mm AA 8x1
30 aircraft
Compliment: 785



Sister ship:  ZUIHO



Notes:  These ships were converted from the submarine supply ships TAKASAKI (ZUIHO) and TSURUGISAKI (SHOHO).  TSURUGISAKI had been in service for four years as a supply ship, while TAKASAKI was taken in for conversion while fitting out.  The original diesel motors were replaced with destroyer boilers and turbines.  The single hangar was served by two lifts.

SHOHO was assigned to the 1st Air Fleet, Carrier Division 4.  On 30 April 1942, she sailed with the 6th CruDiv (AOBA, KINUGASA, FURATAKA and KAKO) and the destroyer SAZANAMI as a part of the "MO" Operation (the invasion of Port Moresby).  On 7 May 1942, in the Battle of the Coral Sea, SHOHO was attacked by dive and torpedo bombers from the American carriers LEXINGTON and YORKTOWN; it is estimated that she received seven torpedo and 13 bomb hits in about 23 minutes.  SHOHO sank on an even keel; 631 of her crew were killed.  SHOHO was the first Japanese carrier to be lost in World War II.


(Note:  Many thanks to Combined Fleet for much of the information on SHOHO!)



neptun_1226_shoho_cv_1942_-_01.jpg (13897 bytes) Neptun 1226
superior_j511_shoho__cv_1942_-_01.jpg (13917 bytes) Superior J511
trident_1059_shoho_cv_1942_-_01.jpg (12633 bytes) Trident 1059
trident_1059_shoho_cv_1942_-_02.jpg (13608 bytes) Trident 1059
trident_1059_shoho_cv_1942_-_03.jpg (11479 bytes) Trident 1059
trident_1059_shoho_cv_1942_-_04.jpg (14005 bytes) Trident 1059
trident_1059_shoho_cv_1942_-_05.jpg (11657 bytes) Trident 1059
trident_1059_shoho_cv_1942_-_06.jpg (11820 bytes) Trident 1059