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Type: CA
Class: LONDON - four in class
Builder: Beardmore
Completed: September, 1929
Displacement: 9,850 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

633' x 66' x 22' 8"
Belt: 3" - 5"
Deck: 1.5" - 4"
Turrets: 1.5" - 2"
CT: 3"
Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons geared turbines, 8 Admiralty three-drum boilers; 80,000shp.  Oil:  3,210 tons.  Range:  12,500nm at 12 knots; 2,930nm at 32 knots.
Speed: 32.3 knots
8 8" / 50 cal. 4x2
4 4" / 45 cal. 4x1
4 3-pdr. saluting guns 4x1
4 2-pdr. "pom-poms" 4x1
8 21" TT 2x4
Compliment: 700






Pennant Number:  73



Notes:  The LONDON class resembled the preceding KENT class, but was not fitted with bulges.  A catapult with one aircraft was installed in 1933.  In 1937, the four single "pom-poms" were replaced by four more 4" guns.  Plans were drawn up in 1936 for the reconstruction of the entire class; as it turns out, only LONDON was refitted.

SHROPSHIRE served with the 1st Cruiser Squadron of the British Mediterranean Fleet until the outbreak of war in September 1939.  She was then transferred to the Atlantic Fleet.  In a refit in 1941, her anti-aircraft battery was augmented by the addition of two octuple 40mm "pom-poms".  Following the loss of the Australian heavy cruiser CANBERRA at the Battle of Savo Island on 9 August 1942, the British Government approved the transfer of SHROPSHIRE to Australia as a replacement.  SHROPSHIRE was commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy on 20 April 1943 at Chatham.  She subsequently saw action during the Battle of Surigao Strait and the Battle of Linyagen Gulf.  In a refit in 1945 her torpedo tubes were removed and 15 to 21 (accounts vary) 20mm AA guns were added.  SHROPSHIRE was present at Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945 as the Japanese signed the surrender papers ending World War II.  SHROPSHIRE remained in service until she paid off to reserve on 10 November 1949.  SHROPSHIRE was sold as scrap on 16 July 1954, and was broken up at Dalmuir in January, 1955.


neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_00.jpg (23908 bytes)

Neptun 1133 (as SUSSEX)

neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_101_-_h_fischer.jpg (59949 bytes) Neptun 1133
neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_102.jpg (14974 bytes) Neptun 1133
neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_103.jpg (14443 bytes) Neptun 1133
neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_104.jpg (14982 bytes) Neptun 1133
neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_105.jpg (14286 bytes)

Neptun 1133

neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_106.jpg (13841 bytes) Neptun 1133
neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_107.jpg (12258 bytes) Neptun 1133
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neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_109.jpg (18258 bytes) Neptun 1133
neptun_1133_sussex_ca_1942_-_110.jpg (19636 bytes) Neptun 1133