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Type: Flotilla Leader (DL)
Class: only ship in class
Builder: Cantieri Odero Terni Orlando, Livorno
Commissioned: May, 1939
Displacement: 2,893 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

458' 6" x 44' 11" x 12' 2"
Machinery: 2-shaft geared turbines, 2 Yarrow boilers; 110,000shp.
Speed: 39 knots
6 5.1" / 50 cal. 3x2
6 45mm AA 6x1
6 0.5" MG 6x1
9 21" TT 3x3
80 mines (as minelayer)
Compliment: 250



Sister ships:  none



Notes:  The TASCHKENT was ordered in Italy under the second Five-Year Program, and is noted as being of exceptionally sound design and construction.  On her trials (without armament), she made 44.2 knots.  As delivered, she only had three 5.1" guns, as the twin mounts were not ready at time.  They were completed and installed in late 1940.  At the same time, one bank of torpedo tubes were removed and replaced by two 3" AA guns.  She served with the Black Sea Fleet.  Her handsome lines and unusual sky blue paint scheme earned her the nicknames "Blue Beauty" and "Blue Cruiser".  The Soviet Navy used her often as a fast transport, and TASCHKENT made more than 40 round trips during the siege of Sevastopol.  While on a sortie on 28 June 1942, TASCHKENT was bombed by German bombers off the Crimea; she was towed by the destroyer BDITELNYI home to Novorossik, with 1,900 tons of water in her hull.  She successfully made the trip, but  foundered and sank there on 2 July 1942.  The twin turrets were salvaged; two were used to arm the destroyer OGNEVOI.  The wreck was partially scrapped by occupying German forces in late 1942, and finally by the Soviets when the port was recaptured in 1943.




hai_371_taschkent_dd_1937_-_01.jpg (25844 bytes) Hai 371
neptun_1650_taschkent_dd_1938_-_00.jpg (24858 bytes) Neptun 1650
neptun_1650_taschkent_dd_1938_-_01.jpg (22358 bytes) Neptun 1650
neptun_1650_taschkent_dd_1938_-_02.jpg (27146 bytes) Neptun 1650
neptun_1650_taschkent_dd_1938_-_03.jpg (47899 bytes) Neptun 1650
neptun_1650_taschkent_dd_1938_-_04.jpg (40991 bytes) Neptun 1650
scratchbuilt_tashkent_dd_1941_-_201_youngerman.jpg (15028 bytes)

Scratchbuilt by

John Youngerman

scratchbuilt_tashkent_dd_1941_-_202_youngerman.jpg (15825 bytes)

Scratchbuilt by

John Youngerman

star__48_taschkent_dd_1939_-_01.jpg (22548 bytes) Star 48