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Type: CB
Class: TIGER - only ship in class
Builder: John Brown
Completed: November, 1914
Displacement: 28,430 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

704' x 90' 6" x 28' 6"
Belt: 3" - 9"
Bulkheads: 2" - 4"
Barbettes: 1" - 9"
Turret faces: 9"
Decks: 1" - 3"
CT: 10"
Machinery: 4-shaft Brown-Curtis turbines; 39 Babcock and Wilcox boilers; 85,000shp.  Coal:  2,450 tons.  Oil:  2,450 tons.  Range:  4,650nm at 10 knots.
Speed: 28 knots
8 13.5" / 45 cal. 4x2
12 6" / 45 cal. 12x1
2 3" AA 2x1
4 3-pdr. (47mm) 4x1
4 21" TT submerged
Compliment: 1,121



Sister ships:  none



Notes:  It was becoming clear to the Admiralty that battlecruisers were an expensive and somewhat dubious investment; as such, provisions for only one ship were made under the 1911-12 Estimates.  An improvement on the preceding QUEEN MARY (herself, a "half-sister" to the preceding LION class), the TIGER saw improvements in placement of main armament, as well as in the secondary battery.  The combination of a heavy tripod and three round, evenly-placed funnels made for an extremely handsome profile; to many, the TIGER was the best-looking warship ever built.  There was speculation that her design was influenced by the Vickers designed and built KONGO class, but there is no evidence of this in Admiralty records.  The details of the TIGER had been settled before the KONGO's design was complete; however, it is possible that the opposite was the case, as the Vickers designers were given details of the TIGER's layout, so that they could be incorporated into the Japanese design.


TIGER joined the Grand Fleet in November, 1914, and she joined the 1st Battle Cruiser Squadron.  At the Battle of Dogger Bank on 24 January 1915, TIGER was hit by six shells and had her "Q" turret put out of action due to splinters jamming the training gear; ten of her crew were killed and eleven others wounded.  Following her return to port, repairs took approximately two weeks.  TIGER took part in the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916.  She fired 303 rounds of 13.5" ammunition, scoring three hits; in addition, she fired 136 rounds of 6".  In return, TIGER was hit by 15 heavy (at least 12 by MOLTKE) and three smaller shells; 24 of her crew were killed, and 46 were wounded.  Although her "Q" turret and "X" barbette were penetrated, TIGER did not suffer the catastrophic explosions which sunk INDEFATIGABLE, INVINCIBLE and QUEEN MARY that day.  Following Jutland, repairs took slightly over a month, after which, TIGER rejoined the Grand Fleet.  In 1918, TIGER was fitted with an aircraft platform on top of her "Q" turret.  In 1919, TIGER was transferred to the Atlantic Fleet, where she served until 1922.  In 1923, her 3" AA guns were replaced by four 4" QF guns (two of these were removed in November, 1924).  In 1924 through 1929, TIGER saw service as a sea-going gunnery training ship.  In January, 1925, TIGER was fitted with four 3" AA guns.  In 1928, two 2-pdr. "pom-poms" were installed.  In 1929, TIGER replaced HOOD in the BCS.  As a result of naval treaties, TIGER was paid off at Davenport in 1931, and broken up in 1932.



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