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Type: DD
Class: TJERK HIDDES - four in class
Displacement: 1,604 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

344' 6" x 35' 1" x 9' 2"
Machinery: 2-shaft Parsons geared turbines, 3 Yarrow boilers; 45,000shp.  Oil:  560 tons.  Range:  5,400nm at 19 knots
Speed: 37.5 knots
5 4.7" / 50 cal. 2x2, 1x1
4 40mm AA 2x2
4 12.7mm AA 4x1
8 21" TT 2x4
24 mines (as minelayer)
Compliment: 158



Sister ships:  


GERALD CALLENBURGH Rotterdamse October, 1939 After an unsuccessful attempt to tow her to England in May, 1940, she was scuttled to prevent use by invading German forces.  Raised and towed to Hamburg, where she was repaired, completed and renamed ZH1.  The  AA guns were replaced by German 37mm (2x2) and 20mm guns (also 2x2), and the torpedo tubes were of German origin.  She entered German service in October, 1943.  ZH1 was sunk by the British destroyers ASHANTI and TARTAR during the invasion of Barfleur on 9 June 1944.
ISAAC SWEERS De Schelde March, 1940 Towed to England to avoid capture by German forces, minus most of her armament and fire control gear.  Completed with British equipment and rearmed with 6 - 4" DP guns (3x2).  Entered service in May, 1941.  Torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-431 off Algiers on 13 November 1942.
PHILIPS VAN ALMONDE De Schelde -- Incomplete; wrecked on the slip to prevent use by invading German forces; deemed too badly damaged to be repaired and broken up on the slip
TJERK HIDDES Rotterdamse October, 1939 Scuttled to prevent use by invading German forces; deemed too badly damaged to be repaired and broken up in 1942-43.



Notes:  The TJERK HIDDES class was designed with the assistance of the British Yarrow shipbuilders, with an increase in size over the preceding VAN GALEN class.  This increase allowed both improved machinery for higher speed, and a more substantial armament, to bring them more into line with contemporary Japanese vessels (as they were intended to be stationed in the Far East).  The twin 4.7" mounts were to be in the "A" and "Y" positions, with a single mount in the "X" position.  The twin Hazemeyer Bofors 40mm AA guns were to be mounted in the "B" position and on a platform between the torpedo tubes.  They were also to be able to carry a seaplane, stowed between the funnels.  None were complete when Germany invaded the Netherlands in May, 1940; see FATE (above) for the disposition of each ship.



anker_30_isaac_sweers_dd_1942_-_01.jpg (13593 bytes)

Anker 30


anker_30_isaac_sweers_dd_1942_-_02.jpg (13522 bytes)

Anker 30

delphin__78_zh_1_dd_1942_-_01.jpg (6492 bytes)

Delphin 78

(as ZH1)

delphin__78_zh_1_dd_1942_-_02.jpg (19601 bytes) Delphin 78
noordzee_nzw__2_isaac_sweers_dd_1942_-_01.jpg (14418 bytes)

Noordzee W2


noordzee_nzw__2_isaac_sweers_dd_1942_-_02.jpg (23632 bytes)

Noordzee W2

u9_15_zh-1_dd_1942_-_01.jpg (16061 bytes)

U9  15

(as ZH1)

u9_15_zh-1_dd_1942_-_02.jpg (18824 bytes) U9  15