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Type: Sloop
Class: only ship in class
Builder: Rotterdamse
Launched: January, 1939
Displacement: 1,760 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

338' 6" x 38' x 10' 3"
Deck: 0.5" - 0.8"
Machinery: 2-shaft Werkspoor geared turbines, 2 Yarrow boilers; 16,000shp.  Oil:  128 tons.
Speed: 25.5 knots
4 4.7" 4x1
4 40mm AA 2x2
Compliment: 190



Sister ships:  none



Notes:  The VAN KINSBERGEN was designed to serve as a gunnery training ship in peacetime, and as an escort during wartime.  Ordered in November, 1936, she was a sophisticated ship mainly due to the need to provide extensive armament and fire control gear for her training purposes.  When the Netherlands fell to Germany in 1940, VAN KINSBERGEN escaped to Britain and spent the rest of the war serving alongside Royal Navy ships employed in escort and patrol work in the West Indies.  During the war, the twin 40mm mount on the bridge was removed, and six 20mm (2x2, 2x1) AA guns were added, as well as asdic and radar.  Following World War II, VAN KINSBERGEN returned to service with the Royal Netherlands Navy.  In 1951, she was reclassified as a frigate (pennant number F.804); her 4.7" guns were removed, and two 4.1" guns installed in their place.  In 1955, she was converted to a depot ship.  VAN KINSBERGEN was discarded in 1959 and subsequently broken up.



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