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Type: AC
Class: ROON - two ships in class
Builder: Blohm and Voss, Hamburg
Completed: November, 1905
Displacement: 10,104 tons

Dimensions: (in feet and inches)

419' 7" x 66' 4" x 25' 6"
Belt: 3.5" - 4"
Deck: 1.5"
Turrets (main): 6"
Turrets (secondary): 4"
CT: 6"
Machinery: 3 vertical 3-cyl. VTE, 16 Dürr boilers; 20,625ihp.  Coal:  1,570 tons.  Range:  4,200nm at 12 knots.
Speed: 21 knots
4 8.2" / 40 cal. 2x2
10 5.9" / 40 cal. 10x1
14 3.45" / 45 cal. 14x1
4 17.7" TT submerged
Compliment: 633



Sister ship:  ROON



Notes:  The ROON class cruisers were slight improvements over the preceding PRINZ ADALBERT class.  The major visible difference was that they had four funnels, due to an increase in boilers from 14 to 16 -- this gave them enough power to make the ROON class one knot faster than the PRINZ ADALBERT class.  There were slight adjustments and improvements to armor; unfortunately, they were not very well protected, and were not considered particularly successful in service.  They were considered to be good sea boats, responsive to the helm, but the casemate decks were very wet in anything other than calm conditions.  While in the Jade on 4 November 1914, YORCK struck two German mines which had drifted out of position in the current.  She sank with the loss of 336 members of her crew.



navis__32n_roon_ac_1906_-_00.jpg (24462 bytes)

Navis 32n

(as ROON)

navis__32n_roon_ac_1906_-_01.jpg (27473 bytes) Navis 32n
navis__32n_roon_ac_1906_-_02.jpg (22090 bytes) Navis 32n