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Ships - Links


  1250 Scale

      Steve Backer is the webmaster, Paul Jacobs is the editor and moderator, and Rob Mackie is the Consigliere of what is probably the finest site on the Internet devoted to ship models in this scale.  Many reviews, pictures, a fine message board, a history of 1:1250 and 1:1200 scale ship models, and much more!  Even if it wasn't in alphabetical order, I'd list this site at the top -- it is THE place to start!  And Paul is also an accomplished modeler; his "masters" (the original from which other ships are cast) are what you see in Saratoga Model Shipyard models!

      Chris Daley is the owner of; in addition to being a distributor of 1:1250 scale ships, Chris is also a fine photographer -- many of his photos are featured on this site!  He also has an excellent article posted about the "how tos" of taking pictures of models in this scale.



      Now the owner of Superior Models, an American 1:1200 scale manufacturer,  Alnavco also carries other lines of ships, books, paints, etc.  A personal favorite of this web site's owner -- Pete Paschall's company is where I got started in this hobby ('way back in 1967!), and Superior models comprise the majority of my collection!


   Bob's Ship Collection

      Robert B. Wiringa has an extensive collection of 1:1250 scale ships, and is a very good photographer as well.  His site has pictures of many of his models, as well as historical information;  without being fully conscious of it, I believe that my site is an "offspring" of his; only he has his ships -- at this time, most of what I have is pictures!  Either way, I think it's well worth your time to go and check out Bob's site!


   Christian Schmidt

      While he is no longer a distributor of 1:1250 scale ships; Mr. Schmidt has a wonderful selection of books.


   Collectio Navalis

      A major distributor of 1:1250 scale models.  They also have extensive lists, sorted by manufacturer, of many of the models that were ever made.


   Combined Fleet

      While not devoted to 1:1250 scale models, this is one of the finest sites I've ever found!  The main focus is on the Japanese Navy of World War II -- I've spent many hours going through Jon Parshall's site, and it is well worth the time spent there!


   Galerie Maritim

      Another distributor of 1:1250 scale models.  They, too, have lists of many of these model ship which were once produced, but no longer available as "new".



      A manufacturer located in Japan, but they now sell world-wide.  Primarily Japanese ships, but they have a growing section of ships of other navies, too.  This link points to the English version of their site.  When you get to this page, follow the link titled "Waterline Model Ships" -- these are the 1:1250 scale models.



      Timothy Dike's site has a wonderful photo gallery; granted, most of the models are in the 1/350 and 1/700 category, but an excellent resource nonetheless!


   Morning Sunshine Models

      George and Jiheui Elder's company sells 1:1200 and 1:1250 scale models, both new and used.  George also posts some pictures of his models -- not nearly enough, for their quality is very good!  And George has also been active in encouraging other manufacturers to produce models in these scales.


   Navis - Neptun

      Widely considered to be the "standard" in this hobby.  Navis-Neptun manufactures an extensive line of World War II ships (Neptun);  their World War I line (Navis) is being upgraded to current standards -- but even the "old" Navis models are of good quality.  Web site is "bi-lingual" -- German and English, and has a fairly extensive photographic "library" of most of their models, all taken "from the same angle" with the same background and lighting.


   Oliver's Welt

      A European distributor and manufacturer -- makes Optatus, World of Ships, Seestern, Luna, Ostrowski, Sextant and Vindobona models.  Also has extensive stock of other manufacturer's models.  Web site is also "bi-lingual", in German and English, and has many, MANY photos of models.


   Pacific Front Hobbies

      One of the largest American distributors; has monthly updates, available for a reasonable subscription cost.  Extensive lines of many scales, book, paints, etc.

      The "parent" site of the above-listed 1250 Scale, this site is devoted to ship models in all scales; the main focus seems to be on 1:350 and 1:700 scale ships.  But an absolutely wonderful source of information of modelers of all scales!


   Thomas Schroeder's 1:1250 Ships Page

      You really need to see his photos!  They are absolutely incredible!!  This link takes you to the English version of his website.


   L. Wiedling

      Another distributor; Mr. Wiedling's site has many pictures of the models he carries.  


   John Youngerman's web site

      Like most of the sites listed here, I was introduced to Mr. Youngerman through SteelNavy's 1250 Scale site.  However... his collection of scratch-built 1:1250 scale ships is mind-boggling!  He has offered helpful advice to me on more than one occasion.  And just to take a look at what he has built -- from bits of plastic and wire and business cards and balsa wood... well, you'll just have to go and look for yourself!