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You're welcome...


Okay -- enough of the feeble attempt at humor!  Yet another interest of mine -- what are probably more accurately known as AFV's -- Armored Fighting Vehicles.  More colloquially -- tanks!  (I said, you're welcome!)


I promise -- that "joke" will not be repeated.


Again, an interest acquired in my youth -- probably from a combination of watching "war" movies, living within ten miles of an active military installation, and from "playing" -- first with toy soldiers in the sandbox, then adding plastic models... then "graduating" from playing to modeling.   There are four major areas of interest:  "the real thing", and in three different scales:  1/35, 1/87, and 1/285.


For starters, I've built a 1:285 page.  If 1:285 scale armor interests you -- by all means, check it out!


Someday, as time permits, I will expand this site to include my other areas of interest.