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C-in-C 1:285 scale Micro Armor:  Germany


Item # Nationality Description


G-  1 Germany PzKpfw IB LT c-in-c_g-__1-b1.jpg (9096 bytes)
G-  2 Germany PzKpfw IIB LT c-in-c_g-__2-b1.jpg (10204 bytes)
G-  3 Germany PzKpfw IIIE MT c-in-c_g-__3-b1.jpg (17353 bytes)
G-  4 Germany PzKpfw IIIF MT c-in-c_g-__4-b1.jpg (18632 bytes)
G-  5 Germany PzKpfw IV D MT c-in-c_g-__5-b1.jpg (18062 bytes)
G-  6 Germany PzKpfw 38t LT c-in-c_g-__6-b1.jpg (19277 bytes)
G-  7 Germany SdKfz 251/1B Halftrack c-in-c_g-__7-b1.jpg (15718 bytes)
G-  8 Germany 105mm Model 18 gun c-in-c_g-__8-b1.jpg (11294 bytes)
G-  9 Germany    
G- 10 Germany PAK 40 75mm AT gun c-in-c_g-_10-b1.jpg (12146 bytes)
G- 11 Germany PzJg 38t "Hetzer" TD c-in-c_g-_11-b1.jpg (14471 bytes)
G- 12 Germany PzKpfw VD Panther MT c-in-c_g-_12-b1.jpg (13331 bytes)
G- 13 Germany Kubelwagen c-in-c_g-_13-b1.jpg (18915 bytes)
G- 14 Germany PAK 35-36 37mm AT Gun  
G- 15 Germany SdKfz 234/1 Armored Car c-in-c_g-_15-b1.jpg (15313 bytes)
G- 16 Germany SdKfz 234/2 Puma 50mm Armored Car c-in-c_g-_16-b1.jpg (12931 bytes)
G- 17 Germany PzKpfw IIIG MT c-in-c_g-_17-b1.jpg (17187 bytes)
G- 18 Germany PzKpfw IIIH MT c-in-c_g-_18-b1.jpg (18473 bytes)
G- 19 Germany PzKpfw II L Luchs 20mm Recon. Tank. c-in-c_g-_19-b1.jpg (10247 bytes)
G- 20 Germany PzKpfw VI E Tiger I HT c-in-c_g-_20-b1.jpg (14819 bytes)
G- 21 Germany PzKpfw VIB King Tiger HT (Porsche Turret) c-in-c_g-_21-b1.jpg (13319 bytes)
G- 22 GER Leopard I A2 MBT  
G- 23 GER JadgPz Kanone 90mm TD.  
G- 24 GER JadgPz Raketten TD.  
G- 25 GER Marder IFV  
G- 26 Germany PzKpfw IV G MT c-in-c_g-_26-b1.jpg (18349 bytes)
G- 27 Germany PzKpfw IV H MT c-in-c_g-_27-b1.jpg (13895 bytes)
G- 28 Germany PzKpfw IV J MT c-in-c_g-_28-b1.jpg (15210 bytes)
G- 29 Germany Wirbelwind AA c-in-c_g-_29-b1.jpg (21277 bytes)
G- 30 Germany Ostwind 37mm Flakpanzer c-in-c_g-_30-b1.jpg (20301 bytes)
G- 31 GER Leopard II AV 120mm MBT  
G- 32 Germany PAK 43/41 L71 88mm AT gun c-in-c_g-_32-b1.jpg (10173 bytes)
G- 33 Germany SdKfz 7 8T Halftrack c-in-c_g-_33-b1.jpg (17442 bytes)
G- 34 Germany JgPz IV 75mm L48 TD c-in-c_g-_34-b1.jpg (12938 bytes)
G- 35 Germany JdPz IV 75mm L70 TD c-in-c_g-_35-b1.jpg (11897 bytes)
G- 36 Germany SdKfz 234/3 75mm L24 Armored Car c-in-c_g-_36-b1.jpg (15523 bytes)
G- 37 Germany SdKfz 234/4 PAK 40 Armored Car c-in-c_g-_37-b1.jpg (14423 bytes)
G- 38 Germany PzKpfw VIB King Tiger HT (Henschel turret) c-in-c_g-_38-b1.jpg (13404 bytes)
G- 39 Germany RSO-3 Tracked Supply Vehicle c-in-c_g-_39-b1.jpg (23193 bytes)
G- 40 Germany LFH 18 105mm Howitzer c-in-c_g-_40-b1.jpg (14618 bytes)
G- 41 Germany PzKpfw III J MT c-in-c_g-_41-b1.jpg (15434 bytes)
G- 42 Germany FH 18 150mm Howitzer. c-in-c_g-_42-b1.jpg (10766 bytes)
G- 43 Germany PzKpfw III L MT c-in-c_g-_43-b1.jpg (16806 bytes)
G- 44 Germany Brummbar 150mm Assault Howitzer c-in-c_g-_44-b1.jpg (16348 bytes)
G- 45 Germany PzKpfw III M 50mm MT c-in-c_g-_45-b1.jpg (14532 bytes)
G- 46 Germany SdKfz 251/1B 81mm mortar Halftrack c-in-c_g-_46-b1.jpg (15745 bytes)
G- 47 Germany PzKpfw III F1 Flamethrower MT. c-in-c_g-_47-b1.jpg (16034 bytes)
G- 48 Germany PzKpfw III N MT c-in-c_g-_48-b1.jpg (16713 bytes)
G- 49 Germany JgPzw Elefant. c-in-c_g-_49-b1.jpg (15007 bytes)
G- 50 Germany JgPz V JadgPanther 88mm L71 TD c-in-c_g-_50-b1.jpg (11555 bytes)
G- 51 Germany JgPz VI JadgTiger 128mm TD c-in-c_g-_51-b1.jpg (12937 bytes)
G- 52 Germany StuG III 75mm L48  
G- 53 Germany StuH 42 105mm L28  
G- 54 Germany Infantry / Wehrmacht (50)  
G- 55 Germany Flak 36 88mm AA/AT w/carr.  
G- 56 Germany U G 18 75mm Howitzer.  
G- 57 Germany PAK 38 50mm L60 AT gun  
G- 58 Germany FLAK 38 / 20mm AA gun  
G- 59 Germany    
G- 60 Germany SdKfz 10 Halftrack (for G-78).  
G- 61 Germany SdKfz 251/1D Halftrack  
G- 62 Germany SdKfz 251/7 Engineer Halftrack  
G- 63 Germany SdKfz 251/9 75mm L24 Halftrack  
G- 64 Germany SdKfz 251/21 15mm Halftrack  
G- 65 Germany SdKfz 251/22 PAK 40 Halftrack  
G- 66 Germany SdKfz 251 / Wurfrahmen 40.  
G- 67 Germany Opel Blitz 3T Truck  
G- 68 GER Roland II AA missile.  
G- 69 Germany SdKfz 10/4 20mm SP AA Halftrack  
G- 70 Germany PzKpfw IIF LT  
G- 71 Germany    
G- 72 GER SpPz Luchs Armored Car.  
G- 73 GER Jaguar I HOT AT missile.  
G- 74 GER Leopard I A3A4 MBT  
G- 75 Germany PAK 97-38 75mm AT gun  
G- 76 Germany SdKfz 3 Opel Maultier  
G- 77 Germany Nebelwerfer 150mm (towed)  
G- 78 Germany Nebelwerfer 210mm (towed).  
G- 79 Germany StuG III B  
G- 80 Germany StuG III D  
G- 81 Germany PzKpfw IB Befehleswagen LT  
G- 82 Germany PzJg IB TD.  
G- 83 Germany SdKfz 305a Staff/Communications Truck  
G- 84 Germany PzKpfw IV E MT  
G- 85 Germany StuG III E  
G- 86 Germany PzKpfw IV F1 MT  
G- 87 Germany PzKpfw IV F2 MT  
G- 88 Germany StuG III F  
G- 89 Germany Opel POL Tanker Truck  
G- 90 GER TPZ-1 Fuchs APC  
G- 91 GER BeobPz M-113GA2 SP Artillery  
G- 92 GER Leopard I A1A1 MBT.  
G- 93 Germany PzKpfw VG Panther MT  
G- 94 Germany StuG IIIG "Saukopf"  
G- 95 Germany Sturmmorser Tiger 380mm Mortar  
G- 96 Germany SdKfz 222 Armored Car  
G- 97 Germany BeobPzArt Panther Command Tank  
G- 98 Germany PzKpfw VF Panther MT  
G- 99 GER Fahrgestall MAN 5T Truck.  
G-100 GER Fahrgestall MAN 7T Truck  
G-101 GER Flakpanzer Gepard AA.  
G-102 GER LARS 36x110 Rocket Artillery.  
G-103 Germany Kfz 70 Krupp Protze "Boxer" Light Truck  
G-104 Germany SdKfz 9 18T Heavy Tow Vehicle  
G-105 Germany 4-1/2T 4x4 Truck  
G-106 Germany Panzerfausts and Panzerbuchse (30)  
G-107 Germany Machine Gunners (30)  
G-108 Germany SdKfz 9 18T Recovery Vehicle  
G-109 Germany SdKfz 9 18T Artillery Prime Mover  
G-110 Germany SdKfz 231 8x8 Armored Car  
G-111 Germany DB 4500M 4-1/2T "Maultier" Tracked Truck  
G-112 GER M- 48G2 Medium Tank  
G-113 Germany 20mm FLAK (towed)  
G-114 Germany 20mm FLAK (deployed)  
G-115 GER Leopard II 120mm MBT  
G-116 GER Leopard II 120mm Improved MBT  
G-117 Germany SdKfz 231 8 RAD (late production) Armored Car  
G-118 Germany SdKfz 232 Radio Car  
G-119 Germany SdKfz 233 75mm L/24 Armored Car  
G-120 Germany SdKfz 7/1 8T Halftrack w/20mm FLAK Vierling  
G-121 Germany Afrika Korps (30)  
G-122 Germany Pz. Busche 54 Team - 8 per package c-in-c_g-122-b1.jpg (15328 bytes)
G-123 Germany Machine Gun 34 Team - 8 per package c-in-c_g-123-b1.jpg (13297 bytes)
G-124 Germany 50mm Mortar Team - 8 per package c-in-c_g-124-b1.jpg (16494 bytes)
G-125 Germany 7.5cm IG 18 with Crew - 6 per package c-in-c_g-125-b1.jpg (15022 bytes)
G-126 Germany 5cm Pak 38 Anti Tank with Crew - 6 per package c-in-c_g-126-b1.jpg (14646 bytes)
G-127 Germany Infantry Squad Stands - 15 per package c-in-c_g-127-b1.jpg (14762 bytes)