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Israel - post-1948

   (additional units can be found in NATO)


Item # Nationality Description


IS-1 Israel Centurion "Ben Gurion" 105mm MBT. (now with 105mm and 20-pdr. turrets) ghq-is_1-b1.jpg (9082 bytes)ghq-is_1-c1.jpg (26403 bytes)
IS-2 Israel Super Sherman 75mm Medium Tank (5). ghq-is_2-b1.jpg (6907 bytes)ghq-is_2-c1.jpg (13401 bytes)
IS- 3 Israel Isherman 105mm Medium Tank (5) ghq-is_3-b1.jpg (6228 bytes)ghq-is_3-c1.jpg (11187 bytes)
IS- 4 Israel Panturion 105mm Centurion  MBT (5). ghq-is_4-b1.jpg (5640 bytes)ghq-is_4-c1.jpg (24399 bytes)
IS- 5 Israel M-113J "Zelda" Infantry Carrier (5). ghq-is_5-c1.jpg (11667 bytes)
IS- 6 Israel Merkava 105mm MBT (5). ghq-is_6-b1.jpg (7105 bytes)ghq-is_6-c1.jpg (24023 bytes)
IS- 7 Israel Magach 7D (upgraded M-60) (5). ghq-is_7-c1.jpg (17261 bytes)
IS- 8 Israel Individual Israeli Infantry (60+) ghq-is_8-c1.jpg (21011 bytes)
IS- 9 Israel Individual Israeli Heavy Weapons (50+) ghq-is_9-c1.jpg (21751 bytes)
IS-10 Israel Achzarit (modified T-55 IFV) (5). ghq-is10-c1.jpg (16990 bytes)
IS-11 Israel Merkava Mk. IV (5). ghq-is11-c1.jpg (19581 bytes)
IS-12 Israel Samples Pack:  contains tank or AFV, another vehicle, a cannon and some infantry men  
Combat Commands
IS-150 Israel
Modern Israeli Combat Team

10 x Merkava Mk IV MBTs

1 x M901 TOW Vehicle

11 x Zeldas IFVs

1 x M125 Mortar Track

48 Individual Infantry and Heavy  Weapons

ghq_is_150-c1.jpg (29564 bytes)