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   In my opinion, this stuff is WAY cool!  The Terrain Maker® (TM®) System is based on 4" styrofoam hexes, in varying thicknesses.  The "base" hex is 1/2" thick, while other thicknesses form the basis for elevations or depressions.  By "sculpting" the surface of the hexes, almost any terrain form can be duplicated.  And when constructed in the methods shown by GHQ, the hexes become "geomorphic" -- they can be arranged to form almost any land form imaginable!


   Skills learned from other hobbies become quite useful here; consider that scenery work you did in model railroading as "cross-training"!  But those skills are NOT mandatory; the TM® System is both easy to learn and very forgiving of mistakes.  And being able to work on a single 4" hex at a time is quite convenient!


   GHQ has both a videotape and a booklet showing "how to" make the TM® hexes.  Basic instructions are also included in every pack, as well as being on their website and in their catalog.  I have both the booklet ("Normandy") and the videotape, and found both quite helpful -- but there are some things I do differently.  (And no offense to the folks at GHQ -- but there are things they do differently, between the catalog / web site, the book, and the video!)  I will attempt to impart some of that knowledge I've obtained from experience here...


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