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   Here are some links which you might find of interest...


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Micro Armor Manufacturers






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Scenery Manufacturers / Suppliers


   While the materials presented on these sites were designed for use with model railroading in mind, many of the items work extremely well with micro armor!


Scenic Express


Timberline Scenery Company


Woodland Scenics


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Evan Designs

   Evan Designs makes software aimed primarily at the model railroader -- but like most modeling "tools", things designed for one "genre" often work just as well as others... such as using model railroad "stuff" for micro armor!  Among the software made by this company is one called "Model Builder" -- it allows you to design / print out buildings on your own.  You design them the way you want them... then you print them, and assemble them!  You can choose one of the popular model railroading scales -- or you can select your own, such as 1:285 or 1:300 scale.  I've purchased a copy of "Model Builder" for myself -- and I love it!  A word of warning, though...  "Model Builder" was designed for "larger" scales than our 1:285 / 1:300 models.  The richness of detail provided can cause some problems when we try to "shrink it down" to our scale.  The designers are aware of these problems, and are working on possible solutions (such as lower-resolution images for smaller scales).  Nonetheless, I think you could find this software of great use in our "genre", and I heartily recommend it!


Paper Terrain

   Scott Washburn's company has some pretty cool paper buildings!  One of their features is that each building is actually two buildings -- a "complete" version, and a "ruined" version, which nestles underneath the "complete" one.  If during a game, the building is declared "destroyed" -- you just lift off the "complete" one to show the "ruined" one in its place.  Pretty cool!


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"Personal"  and informational websites


Armoured Acorn - The Canadian Armour Website

   Excellent resource -- side and three-view drawings.  Primarily Canadian, but expanding to other nationalities.


Bob MacKenzie's Web Page

   1/300 section, tips on conversions, etc.


Central Alberta Micro Armor

   Grant's site is back on-line... and I look forward to more of his updates!


Cybermodeler Online

   This link takes you to their page of armor "walkarounds".  A link near the bottom takes you to their main page.


Edmonton MicroArmor

   Scenarios, photos, more...

Germ's World

   Has some excellent paper buildings.  Mainly sci-fi / fantasy stuff, but good stuff nonetheless.


IanH's Wargames Page

   6mm / 1:285 section with terrain, paper buildings, etc.  Nicely done!


IDF Modelling

   Photos of many 1/35-scale models and "the real thing".  Excellent resource site.


Israeli Weapons

   Many, many photos of "the real thing" -- another excellent resource site.


MAGs Papiermodelle

   Some very well-done paper buildings!  Site has both German and English text.


Mark's Microarmor

   Photos of microamor, TO&E's and more

   Chris Barath's web site; another well-done web site with pictures, notes and more


Micro Armor Mayhem

   "...a site devoted to modern micro scale models by makers such as GHQ, CinC, Scotia, Skytrex and Heroics & Ros."  Many photos, tips, etc.


Panzer War Micro Armor Rules

   Main focus is on their three rules sets (armor in WW II and Modern setting, plus a WW II naval combat set), but lots of photos and other information can be found here as well.


Red Rick - Micro Armor Page

   Lots of good stuff here, including comparison photos of differing manufacturers, terrain tips and more!


Fester Platz RitterKrieg

   Extremely well-done models!  Many photos, step-by-step painting techniques, Schwere Kompanie! rules, lots more!


Scratchbuilder_Christian's Miniatures

   Excellent paper buildings; done for 20mm scale, but if you print them at 1/3 size (or thereabouts), they look marvelous for 6mm / 1:285 scale!


Steel Soldiers' Technical Library

   An excellent resource site; from what little I've browsed it so far, it seems to primarily U. S. Army "stuff".  Be sure to check out TB 43-0209 for "modern" paint schemes, or TB 43-0107 for the MERDEC scheme of the 1970's and 1980's.  Be advised, though... the two files I've specifically pointed out are huge -- I highly recommend high-speed internet access for them!


Wark's Bunker

   Illustrations of the U. S. Army's MERDEC schemes of the 1970's and 1980's.  The first link takes you "vehicle specific" diagrams, while the second one is a color reference page.


WW II in 6mm

   Main focus on North African / Middle Eastern theatres in WW II; tips and techniques, particularly on basing models and figures, photos and more.


World War II Vehicles

   Excellent resource site for "the real thing"!  It is very easy to spend hours and hours here, just going through things!!


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